In a seemingly fast-paced world, rarely do we get to sit down and truly immerse ourselves in learning something new. I've become increasingly fond of podcasts as a way to stimulate my mind and keep myself occupied when I'm driving to campus in the morning or out training for a 10k on my local hiking trails. Although I listen to a range of podcasts, I've found myself drawn to ones about a topic I truly care about: food. Here are some of my favorite podcasts about food, all of which are available wherever you stream your podcasts from! 


Have you ever wondered where kombucha came from? Or if the design of a menu actually impacts what you purchase at a restaurant? What about the age-old question: are French fries really from France? Hosts Cynthia Graber and Nicola Twilley tackle these issues (and many, many more) on their podcast: Gastropod. Gastropod looks at food "through the lens science and history"- so it regularly features prominent food historians, biologists, and authors on its bi-weekly episodes. You can stream Gastropod on iTunes or Spotify! 


If you're someone who thinks "hard about their food," Bite is the perfect podcast for you. Join hosts and producers Tom Philpott, Maddie Oatman, and Kiera Butler for their bi-weekly podcast on food and its relation to current events. Some of my favorite topics that they've covered have been around food rescue operations saving leftovers from Silicon Valley tech hub meetings, what Passover is like in America's prisons, and how school lunch is changing under Trump's presidency. 

The Splendid Table 

Francis Lam sits down with a variety of chefs and industry professionals to discuss new recipes and food traditions during weekly episodes on The Splendid Table. You might even regularly hear features from America's Test Kitchen as they share what new techniques and technologies they're working on in the world of food. Personally, my favorite part of this podcast is its global focus; I get to learn how food is so different across the world, yet so unifying in its ability to bring people together. 

The Sporkful

The Sporkful provides funny, insightful commentary on what's going on in the world of food. You'll find interviews with scientist Bill Nye, comedian Fortune Feimester, and YouTuber Maangchi among episodes about immigrant food traditions, reimagining the modern restaurant, and culinary identity in an increasingly global food system.