Now you're probably thinking, how can this article be limited to just one unforgettable food experience during my time studying abroad?? 

With that being said, you are (kinda) right.. it was hard to narrow down just one stand out meal from my four months living abroad in Italy. But, I did it and that just goes to show how good this meal was. 

I spent my last semester of my Junior year at Penn State living and studying in Florence, Italy. AKA the food capital of Europe (at least in my opinion). 

Most people can attest to having to die for food while staying in Italy, me being one of them. But, surprisingly this food experience happened in not Florence, but in Rome, Italy. Still keeping the Italy food theme of course. 

I spent one of my first weekends of my abroad experience taking a trip to the ancient city of Rome. I fell in love with the rich history and natural beauty of the city and of course, the food. 

When me and my two friends sat down for our first dinner out in Rome, we expected nothing less than perfection. At this point the Italians had been blowing us away with their cuisine for weeks. 

We had dinner reservations around 9:30 p.m. which was normal dinner time in Italy and I was ready to stuff my face with endless bread, cheese and of course red wine

We got a bottle of the house red wine, per usual, before even looking at the menu.

This restaurant had the typical menu of an Italian Osteria but, I couldn't help but be drawn to a special on the menu... the burrata stuffed ravioli.

For those of you who haven't expressed burrata, it is a cheese made from cows milk, mozzarella and cream. It is in the shape of a round ball with a harder outside resembling  traditional mozzarella and an inside with stracciatella and cream, giving it an unusually soft texture when cut into.

I am usually sold on any dish involving burrata but this would be my first time having it inside ravioli and to be honest, I was confused of how that would even be possible. 

After much anticipation, just three large, simple ravioli were served on a white dish. They were coated in a beautiful red tomato sauce and topped with just enough parmesan cheese. Now my first thought was, only three? But I learned quickly not to question.

I then cut into the pasta and there it was oozing out on the plate, that fluffy, unmatchable smooth and creamy taste of fresh burrata cheese. I was in awe. I can't tell you why a seemingly simple cheese stuffed ravioli shook me, but, burrata somehow did it. They pulled this dish off with ease. 

Christina Gonnella

I spent four months abroad living in Italy and traveling to over ten beautiful European countries which were all full of culture and new flavors but, this small Osteria in Rome, Italy just stole my heart. 

Thank you, Fiaschetteria Beltramme, I'll never forget you.