Studying abroad is quintessential to the college experience. Not only will traveling introduce you to different cultures, but the food will probably make you never want to leave. Imagine drinking red wine in Tuscany, eating Nutella crepes in Paris, and sampling paella in Spain. Here are a few places on my foodie bucket list.

1. Anywhere in Italy


Photo courtesy of Katrin Morenz on Flickr

The gelato in Florence is incredible. The pizza is mouth-watering. Italians like to say, “due dita di vino e una pedata al medico”(a glass of wine keeps the doctor away).  Junior Morgan Rund traveled to Orvieto with SMU-in-Italy this past summer. “The food was phenomenal. The best dish I ate was pasta with shaved black truffles with a glass of local red wine,” said Rund. The food in Italy is incomparable. If you love pasta, wine, and cheese, Italy is your go-to abroad destination.

2. Paris, France


Photo courtesy of The Scott on Flickr

I spent the summer after my sophomore year in Paris. I found this charming restaurant near Notre Dame and discovered that they served buckwheat crepes with dark chocolate, almonds, and whipped cream. Although this wasn’t the healthiest option, that crepe was the best thing I have ever eaten. If you dream of crepes, French baguettes, and eclairs, Paris is the city for you.

3. Brussels, Belgium


Photo courtesy of peddhapatl on Flickr

If you love chocolate, Belgian waffles, and fries, consider studying abroad in Brussels. This charming European city is full of history, beautiful art work, and excellent food.

 4. Oslo, Norway


Photo courtesy of rfduck on Flickr

Junior Molly O’Connor is currently studying abroad in Copenhagen, but has traveled all over Europe this semester. She ate paella in Barcelona, gelato in Rome, and even tried reindeer during her trip to Oslo. “I’ve loved trying the foods that these places are known for and they definitely exceeded my expectations,” said O’Connor.

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