Everyone and their mother seems to have a Stanley cup these days in all the vibrant, pastel, and neutral colors, but what about a tie dye one? Stanley just restocked the 40-ounce Quencher Tumbler in four tie dye pastel colors – Purple, Citron, Ocean, and Peach. But you better move quick as the Stanley tie dye tumblers are already selling out.

Where can I buy the tie dye Stanley Quencher?

The Stanley cups are an extremely hot item right now, and past drops have sold out in as quick as 12 minutes. So, if you want one of these beautiful tie dye colors, you might want to get on it. At the time of publication, the colors Purple Tie Dye, Ocean Tie Dye, and Peach Tie Dye are already sold out on the Stanley website. Citron Tie Dye is still available for $45. If any restocks happen, we will keep you updated. 

The sold out colors are still available on Walmart's website and on Amazon, but the prices vary from $70 or over $100. Or you can head over to eBay to check out the resellers. Those hover around the same price.

The 40-ounce Stanley Quencher features vacuum insulation to keep drinks cold for up to two days, plus a narrow base to fit in a car cupholder — perfect for summer road trips. The cups have become something of a status symbol since The Buy Guide recommended them on their popular E-Commerce blog in 2017.