Every once in a while, a brand comes along that spurs a generation of collectors — people so obsessed with one specific product they wait in long lines and stalk the site for any restocks or new releases. For us, that one product has to be the Stanley Quencher, specifically in the 40-ounce size. The TikTok-viral Stanley Quencher (or Stanley cup for short) has spawned iconic collabs, bold new color choices, memes, and even additional products that solve any problems with the OG product (like this lid addition that stops leaks). 

And just like you, we want to know what colors are in stock, if there are any new releases coming up, and any restocks to look forward to. So here's our official guide to the Stanley Quencher colors, what's in stock, and where to buy. 

The color you want not in stock? Check resale sites like Mercari and eBay.

Stanley Quencher, 40-ounce

Photo by Stanley

This OG is the one to go for if you want to be like all the influencers. It's the perfect size for hydration queens, comes in lots of fun colors, and will cost you $45. You can purchase on the Stanley website or on Amazon. Here are all the Stanley Quencher colors currently available, plus ones to keep in mind when restocks happen.

Pool: In stock (StanleyAmazon)

Tigerlily: In stock (Stanley & Amazon)

Jade: In stock (Amazon)

Rose Quartz Glow: In stock (Stanley & Amazon)

Rose Quartz: In stock (StanleyAmazon)

Citron: In stock (Amazon)

Black Glow: In stock (Stanley)

Fog: In stock (Stanley & Amazon)

Charcoal: In stock (Stanley & Amazon)

Charcoal Glow: In stock (Amazon)

Black: In stock (Stanley & Amazon)

Stainless Steel Shale: In stock (StanleyAmazon)

Cream: In stock (Stanley & Amazon)

Flint: In stock (Amazon)

Eucalyptus: In stock (Amazon)

Alpine: In stock (Amazon)

Chambray: In stock (Amazon)

Iris: In stock (Amazon)

Pink Dusk: In stock (Amazon)

Stainless Steel: In stock (Amazon)

Yarrow: In stock (Amazon)

Lavender: In stock (Dick's Sporting Goods)

Stanley Quencher, 40-ounce in soft matte

Photo by Stanley

If you didn't know, the Stanley Quencher also comes in some softer tones with a semi-matte finish. It comes in four different colors and costs $50. Lucky for you, all the Stanley Quencher colors in the soft matte collection are currently available.

Dune: In stock (Stanley & Amazon)

Shale: In stock (Stanley & Amazon)

Stormy Sea: In stock (Stanley & Amazon)

Red Rust: In stock (Stanley & Amazon)

Stanley Quencher, 40-ounce in Tie Dye

Photo by Stanley

Citron Tie Dye: In stock (Walmart

Purple Tie Dye: In stock (Amazon)

Ocean Tye Dye: In stock (Amazon)

Peach Tie Dye: In stock (Amazon & Walmart)