Stanley Cups are the high-end insulated tumblers with straws you see across TikTok and being sold at Williams Sonoma and Dick’s Sporting Goods. However, the brand is expanding into Target with an exclusive Starbucks Stanley cup collaboration as of May 9.

What does the Starbucks Stanley cup look like?

This peachy-pink matte 40-ounce Adventure Quencher Tumbler was initially spotted in Thailand locations as a two-toned pink-turquoise offering, and American Stanley users were bending over backward to get one.

How can I get the Starbucks Stanley cup?

Now that they’re in U.S. Target locations, it still might be a challenge to buy your own. Each location only received two Stanley tumblers to sell and noted that only one can be sold per customer.

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So, if you’re in line behind a pair of WaterTok vloggers, you may be out of luck. Additionally, while Starbucks employees cannot purchase the tumbler, Target workers can pick it up for themselves. But you may be able to purchase the Starbucks Stanley online or wait for the rumored restock at your local Target Starbucks location.

How much does the Starbucks Stanley cup cost?

These Starbucks Stanley Tumblers became available at 8 a.m. local time, and retail for $44.95. If you’re lucky, your Target Starbucks location might still have them.