If you didn’t get your hands on a coveted peach-pink Starbucks Stanley cup at your local Target Starbucks location on May 9, fear not. While only a few lucky Stanley fans were able to pick up the 40-ounce Starbucks collab, it's likely that there will be a restock coming this month. So, don't pay exorbitant resell rates on eBay and Mercari just yet. 

When is the Starbucks Stanley cup restock happening? 

According to TikTok user RVM Tumblers, Stanley shipments are supposedly coming into certain locations on May 26. Various Target/Starbucks managers confirmed that their locations ordered more tumblers. We reached out to Starbucks reps for confirmation and were told there are no details about a restock. 

However, some TikTokers in the comments said that their local Target Starbucks locations shared there would be no restock or  said restock may arrive on May 29. The user behind RVM Tumblers said, "It all depends on the location and if the managers are able to order them."

How many Starbucks Stanley cups will each location get in the restock?

While most Target Starbucks stores only had one or two of the Starbucks Stanley cups on May 9, fans are hopeful the stock will be more plentiful on its next round. For yesterday's Stanley x Starbucks soft launch, a few stats were taken into consideration for amount sent to stores. "It depends on the store’s foot traffic or amount of sales made from what a barista has told me. Hopefully they send more on the next round," RVM Tumblers said.