Stanley cup girlies are all over TikTok right now and are super self-aware about the large size of their insulated tumblers. This is leading to some of the absolute funniest videos we've seen in quite a long time. Plus, some husbands and boyfriends are even getting in on the fun with Stanley cup memes, in a totally harmless and playful way.

Also on TikTok, are people who did or sadly did not get the super limited-edition Target Starbucks Stanley collab. If you were one of the lucky ones, congratulations — the universe favors you. If you did not get one, don't pay over $200 on eBay for one, a restock is supposedly happening soon, and there are also new Quencher colors to shop right now. While we wait for the new Stanley drops, check out these hilarious Stanley cup memes. 

This perfect POV

The chair is far too real. This TikTok user attached the straw and everything. *insert crying face*

Girls with Stanley cups are like...

Okay, I know my Stanley cup needs its own portion of the counter. She's a big cup, and I have zero shame about my hydration tactics.

Manley Cups

It's a good joke. It's a great joke, even. But you better pray to whatever God you believe in that that Sharpie is untraceable by the time your wife gets home. 

I'm just looking...

Um, yeah... I totally didn't drag you out here during a Stanley cup sale in the hopes that you'd buy me all the ones I don't have. Hahaha, you're wild for thinking that...

Sorry to my other cups

To my Hydro Flask, Yeti, and Camelbak bottles and cups being demoted... it's not personal, I promise. 

Stanley cups mean different things to different people

Admittedly, I do think I need one of these, too. My collection will not be complete without it!

Leave Stanley lovers alone

Just let the girlies enjoy things, please. 

A historic day

No one can track exactly what that day was, but we're so glad we made the switch.