Stanley Cups are the “it-girls” of reusable water bottles right now. What’s not to love? The cups keep your drinks cold, are dishwasher safe, can survive a fire, and fit perfectly in your car cup holder. These cups have people lining up any time there’s a product launch. No, seriously. Earlier today, the Winter Pink Starbucks Stanley cup was available exclusively in Starbucks stores located inside Target locations. Stanley cup fans lined up and were given numbers to solidify their place in line. Even with the purchase limits in place, the glittery pink Stanley Quenchers sold out almost immediately. So, will the be a Winter Pink Starbucks Stanley Cup restock? 

Will there be a Starbucks Stanley Cup restock?

The Winter Pink Stanley Quenchers had many lining up in anticipation. Each participating store had a different amount of Stanleys — some having eight, while others had 40. According to Anastasia Beacerhausin on TikTok, her store was sold out by 7:05 a.m. with a limit of two Stanleys per person.

Sadly, a rep from Stanley did confirm that there will not be a restock of the Starbucks Stanley pink cups.

Are the Stanley cups being resold?

Before today’s launch, the Starbucks Stanley Cup was already listed on eBay priced at over $100. As of publication, there are multiple new listings pricing the cup over $150, some even ranging above $200.

However, there are some other Stanley options if you’re still looking for that stark pink look. Target’s online shop still has available the cotton candy Stainless Steel Everyday Stacking Pint from the Valentine’s Day Stanley Cup collection for $20.