I always could tell Stanley cups were high quality, but I wouldn’t have guessed they were fireproof. Turns out they are though, and maybe I’ll be asking for one for Christmas. It’s hard to not be amazed at the absolute indestructibility of the Stanley, and also the kindness of the Stanley brand. Sometimes the best way to shine is trial by fire, and that really shows in TikTok that’s been going around recently.

A Stanley cup survived a car fire?

A TikTok has been circulating around starring the famous Stanley cup, although the video isn’t what you might expect. Danielle, or @damimarielettering, posted a TikTok featuring a burnt up and blackened Kia. Luckily, no one was hurt int eh car fire. But inside the wrecked interior was a Stanley tumbler seemingly untouched by the fire other than a burnt orange color and slightly blackened top, the logo still emblazoned proudly on the front. When Danielle picked up the cup and shook it, it rattled with the sound of ice still unmelted even after the car fire.

What is the internet's reaction?

The comments on the TikTok insist on that the 14-second video is a fantastic advertisement for Stanley cups. One user commented on the TikTok saying “Never understood the Stanley hype until now so they better get you money for this free advertisement.” Another comment read “Stanley, SPONSOR HER.” My personal favorite comment comes from user @keithrue2625 who wrote “Imma need Stanley to start making cars,” to which Danielle responds “Bahahaha amazing point!!”

The president of Stanley, Terrence Reilly, stitched Danielle’s video to address what had happened. “Thanks for sharing the video, because wow, it really shows how our Stanleys are built for life,” he said. “‘Cause what it went through with you, I couldn’t think of a better example of our products’ quality.” Reilly promised to not only send Danielle more Stanley products, but also said said the brand would replace her car. A pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

The brand is really living up to its reputation in that video, and it creates yet another reason for people to obsess over the tumblers. I guess it’s only to be expected from a brand whose reputation is already through the roof and will probably be here to stay for a long time, just like their products.