Stanley Cups are a trend that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. While I don’t actually own a Stanley Cup, my obsession with Hydro Flasks in middle school makes me an honorary expert. I used to decorate my bottle with stickers, covering every inch of it. So, I understand the Stanley hype, as well as the need for accessories. 

Without accessories, you just have a Stanley Cup. Don’t get me wrong — they’re still cute on their own, but the accessories are what really makes them stand out and become unique. If I had a Stanley tumbler, it would definitely be pink, and I would get pink charms to hang all around it. Can you guess what my favorite color is? A plain Stanley Cup can be boring, so accessorizing is important. If you know someone with a barren Stanley Cup, this is the perfect list of accessories for them. Here are the ultimate Stanley cup gift guide for your hydrated bestie.

Attachable Snack Bowl, $16

Photo via Amazon

One thing that everyone wants is convenience, and what’s more convenient than having your food and drink in one place? This attachable snack bowl is perfect for your friends that like to slouch on the couch, sip on a drink, and snack on some chips. It comes in pink, cream, and green, so it can match the cup. Your friend can get a lot of use out of this!

Personalized Boots, $8

Photo via Etsy

Nothing is more special than a personalized gift, and Etsy seller GreyhouseManor makes customizable Stanley Cup boots. It slips onto the bottom of the cup, and you can personalize it with your friend’s name, or even a nickname. It comes in a variety of fonts and colors, making the possibilities endless.

Carrier Case, $4

Photo via Etsy

If you’re looking for something a little bigger (and pricier), this embroidered Stanley Cup holder is for you. Etsy seller LoveSendingGifts sells these carriers, and you’re able to choose the strap color. It’s perfect for your friend that’s always on the go and forgetting their cup. 

Initial Handle Charms, $13

Photo via Etsy

Got a friend that likes to be a bit fancy? This initial charm for their Stanley handle is perfect. You can get it in silver or gold, making it even more fancy.

Lip Balm Attachment, $10

Photo via Etsy

We all have that friend who always has Aquaphor or some kind of lip balm on them at all times, and I just so happen to be this friend. This lip balm attachment by Etsy seller KapanyMfg sticks right onto the Stanley handle and is perfect for your lip balm obsessed friend! I need this, and I don’t even have a Stanley.

Personalized Christmas Name Plates, $18 

Photo via Etsy

These Christmas-themed name plates are the perfect combination of holiday cheer and a personalized gift. Personally, I love the tree one. It snaps right onto the top of the cup, showing everyone your Christmas spirit, and your name. It’s great for that one friend that is Christmas-obsessed (aka me).

Customizable Tumbler Tag, $21 

Photo via Etsy

This product, named a “tumbler tag” by Etsy seller TPAJaneOfAllTrades, is guaranteed to not fall off your cup when attached. In this TikTok, the seller shows how to attach the tag, which involves removing the handle. And the best part is, it’s customizable. You can choose from a variety of colors, and engrave it with your friend’s name, or even something else, like their favorite sports team.

Spill Stopper, $5

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Have a really clumsy friend that just seems to knock over and spill everything, including their Stanley Cup? Then you should definitely get this spill stopper for them. It attaches into the tumbler’s lid, stopping spills from the inside. Say goodbye to wet countertops!

Charm Bundle, $20 

Photo via CharCharms

On, you can choose from a variety of charm bundles, and even customize your own depending on your friend’s favorite colors. There’s exclusive Christmas bundles for the holiday season that come with a stick-on hook, a chapstick holder, a rubber Christmas-themed charm, and a beaded charm. These bundles are great for your friend that loves being extra.

Custom Straw Topper, $4

Photo via Etsy

After seeing that one TikTok about the spider in the Stanley straw, I think everyone needs a straw stopper. But why not get a cute star one that has your name on it? These straw stoppers prevent any unwanted creepy crawlers from getting in, while also being super cute and matching your cup.