You may think you’re properly cleaning your Stanley Cup by just removing the lid and straw and throwing some dish soap into it, but you’re really not. While this can get rid of the surface-level germs, the real danger is hiding inside the lid. Skylar Ray Rose, also known as TikTok user @skysayingthings, discovered mold inside hers last week. So, here’s how to properly clean your Stanley Cup.

How do I remove the lid of my Stanley Cup?

In order to get into the lid, remove it from the cup and remove the straw. Find where the straw insert is, and squeeze this part of the lid. It will release another part of the lid and an additional rubber piece aka lots of places where mold can be hiding. Hopefully, you’re not as unlucky as Skylar and many others in the comments, who discovered mold all over the inside of their lid. These instructions should really be written on the side of the cup, I would have never thought to look inside the lid.

If there is mold, how do I clean it?

TikTok user @theoriginalmochababy recommends using a sponge to remove the mold from all the parts of the Stanley Cup, including the small rubber pieces that usually go unnoticed. Personally, my Stanley is going into the garbage the moment I find mold on it. No amount of soap and scrubbing would ever convince me that it’s completely clean.

What happens if I’ve been drinking mold?

While I’m no doctor, TikTok user @notavaalfaro shared that she felt sick for weeks until discovering the mold inside her Stanley. Her symptoms included a clogged throat and cough. According to Jenkins Environmental Services, mold ingestion can manifest in other ways too, such as through headaches, nausea, and skin rashes.

Take this as your sign and reminder to clean your Stanley Cup daily. You never know what can be hiding inside of it (hint: it’s probably mold).