The chokehold that Stanley cups have on us is not going away anytime soon. There’s the classic Stanley Quencher, the hefty 64-ounce Stanley, and the exclusive Starbucks red Stanley that is so popular, it’s even being resold for upwards of $300. The cups really took off on TikTok, where they went viral for their sleek look, insulated interior, and convenient handle.  

If you’re an unapologetic Stanley queen and your obsession can not be satiated, you’re in for a treat as Whole Foods is selling two exclusive colors this fall that can only be found in stores. Drum roll, please.

What are the colors of the Stanley cups at Whole Foods?

The first is Evergreen Glow, a deep, ocean blue with an emerald green shift. It’s the sort of blue-green hybrid that fans of cool toned colors will love. Its glossy appearance is complemented by all the classic Stanley features: a matte handle, a clear straw, and a tapered bottom that fits perfectly in a car cup holder. 

Photo by Allison Piwowarski for Spoon University

Next is Primrose Glow, which has a similar metallic, glossy look. It’s a lovely plum purple that speaks to both the pink and purple girlies. You may have seen this color on the Stanley website before, but like most popular colors, it is sold out.

What sizes do the Evergreen Glow and Primrose Glow Stanley cups come in?

You can get the Evergreen Glow in a 30- or 40-ounce size, and the Primrose Glow in a 40-ounce size.

How much are the Evergreen Glow and Primrose Glow Stanley cups at Whole Foods?

They retail for $44.99 in all Whole Foods stores, which is a pretty penny for a water bottle, but hey, at least it’s not $300. (Though some people have already listed these exact Stanley cups on resale sites for that much.)

Some smaller locations may sell out fast, so if your Stanley collection needs another addition, we recommend heading to your nearest Whole Foods with haste.