Stanley Quencher tumblers have become so popular, so iconic that they are not only a staple of influencers everywhere, but have spawned a whole culture of memes and parodies making fun of them. Well, get ready for even more of that energy because Stanley just announced a brand new size of the quencher: The 64-ounce Quencher.

Stanley released a 64-ounce Quencher tumbler.

On Thursday, June 15, Stanley announced the release of a new size of its iconic tumbler. The most common is the 40-ounce size, but now the hydration-obsessed can get even more water. The 64-ounce Stanley Quencher tumbler means you never, ever have to be thirsty or refill your water again. It also means a lot of trips to the bathroom.

How much is the Stanley 64-ounce Quencher tumbler?

The Stanley 64-ounce Quencher tumbler retails for $60 on the Stanley website. When you compare that to the $45 price tag of the next biggest size, the 40-ounce, it's a good deal, especially for the water-obsessed.

What colors does the Stanley 64-ounce Quencher tumbler come in?

The Stanley 64-ounce Quencher tumbler comes in a rainbow of seven neutral colors. There's Cream, Rose Quartz, Black, Fog, Charcoal, Black Glow, and Rose Quartz Glow.

Where can I buy the Stanley 64-ounce Quencher tumbler?

Right now, it's only available on the Stanley website, unlike the 40-ounce Quencher that can also be purchased on Amazon. But we will keep our eye out for other retailers selling the 64-ounce tumbler, and keep this page updated. So bookmark this for your future self! And check out our guide of all the Stanley Quencher colors available here.