Whether you have one Stanley cup or a whole shelf full of Stanleys, it simply feels like you can never quite have enough of these beverage containers. After all, Stanley is always doing fun limited releases, including their most recent Target-exclusive Starbucks collab. These stainless steel, insulated water bottles, travel mugs, and more are not just cute with their wide array of matte colors, they also can be accessorized to fit your personality even more. So, grab your favorite bottle and check out these five Stanley cup accessories that you need to buy right away. 

#SpoonTip: Make sure your Stanley is always squeaky clean with these water bottle cleaning tips

Silicone Bottom Protectors

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Make sure the bottom of your Stanley never gets scratched or covered in dirt with these adorable silicone protectors with a simple marbled purple flair. Plus, these Stanley cup accessories will keep your bottle grounded when working at your desk, on a classroom table, and the like. You can buy a two-pack from Amazon for just $7.49, with a variety of color choices. Totally worth it. 

A Little Fanny Pack For Your Bottle 

Of course your Stanley needs its own little bag! Here, you can store everything from chapstick and gum, all the way to cash, cards, chargers, and more. Who needs a purse when your Stanley is never leaving your hand, right? You can find a mini bag color that pairs well with your water bottle for only $28.99 on Amazon. Each bag can fit on containers ranging from 18 ounce to 40 ounce, so you can really make these work across your whole water bottle collection. 

These Cute Straw Toppers

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Make sure your straw is always protected from outside germs with these silicone straw toppers that also look like little Stanley bottles. You can have five toppers for just $8.99, which is a total deal. I also adore these strawberry, cloud, and flower toppers from Amazon, too. 

A Zodiac Handle Charms

Photo Via Etsy

Every morning, you have the choice to accessorize with rings, earrings, necklaces, and more. Each day, you can also give your Stanley a little bling. Etsy artist TheNeonCactusStudio has a whole line of zodiac charms that perfectly fit right on your handle for $24. I truly need everyone in the room to know I'm a Pisces, and this is one way to show it off. 

A Stanley Insulated Sleeve

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With these Stanley cup accessories, you can protect your cup from scratches and you can protect your ears from any metal clanging sounds. For $15, you can have your choice of 30 ounce or 40 ounce. Stanley sleeve with cactus, floral, animal print, and more cute designs.