If you use Stanley cups every day, chances are you may be dealing with a leaky Quencher-style water bottle. When a few drops spill from your lid, it could easily ruin your bag, get on your clothes, and more. While the straw on a 30-ounce or 40-ounce Stanley Quencher will always release a bit of water when flipped on an angle, you can outfit your lid to be less prone to spillage. Here's what to do if your Stanley cup is leaking.

#SpoonTip: Make sure your Stanley is always squeaky clean with these water bottle cleaning tips.

How to stop your Stanley from leaking

TikTok user @cicihaskill shared a totally cool lid addition that helps reduce spills, and it's so inexpensive.

In her video, she linked to a set of two pieces that can be added inside your Stanley Quencher lid to stop leaking. One piece goes under the straw hole, and one round piece is placed in the middle of the bottom of the lid as well. Retailing for $6.99, this can help stop spills while you're on your way to work, driving, and more. This TikToker considers the addition to be a major success. 

Amazon also sells a leak-proof set for Stanley cups that includes three silicone pieces. One piece serves as a straw cover, one secures the straw in place to create a seal, and one round piece covers the middle hole of the lid. This set, complete with doubles of all components, comes to $13.99. It's totally worth it.

Spill-proof Stanley options

If you're looking to make sure not a single bit of your drink comes out of your Stanley, consider changing your model from a Quencher to a Stanley IceFlow.  

The IceFlow comes in just as many cute color combos as the Quencher model and comes in both 20 and 30-ounce options. It also comes with a cute and efficient carrying handle and a straw that flips up and down to create a seal. This is perfect for the active hiker or gal who is just prone to spilling. Plus, all IceFlows can be purchased for $31 or less.