When I was growing up, my siblings and I would ask, "Why do we have a Mother's and Father's Day, but no Kid's Day?" My parents' answer was so true it was comical: "Because every day is Kid's Day." I don't want to generalize here, but I think it's fair to say most of our fathers do a lot for us and deserve a little appreciation (or a lot, really). So what better way to celebrate them than with food? Of course, the answer is that there's no better way. Here are nine ways to celebrate your old man this year with food on Father's Day. 

1. Breakfast in bed

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Katherine O'Malley

This is always my favorite. I love making cinnamon rolls because they're all ready at the same time, unlike waffles or pancakes which you have to make in several batches. And they're absolutely delicious — perfect for any special occasion. Try this cinnamon rolls recipe. It takes about an hour to make, but it's totally worth it and your dad will love it. 

2. Homemade fudge

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Katherine O'Malley

I actually made my dad homemade chocolate fudge for Father's Day one year. He loves chocolate fudge, so I thought it would be the perfect gift. My recipe for peanut butter fudge with Nutella swirl is delicious, and quite easy. Other sweet ideas are this bark recipe, some classic chocolate chip cookies, or bring him back to his childhood with these copycat cosmic brownies.

3. "Cooked and Cleaned" Dinner

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Tori Weber

This is mine and my sister's present to my parents every Christmas. We make them a nice dinner with three courses (fancy shmancy, I know), all home-cooked by us. Plus, we clean everything up, too — that's the real part no one wants to do.

4. Treat him to a nice dinner out

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Katie Stotts

Everyone likes to eat out — it's a classic gift, but a goodie. You get to spend some real quality time together with minimal effort required on your part (just some extra bucks). Really step it up and treat your dad to dessert after by swinging past your favorite ice cream shop. 

5. Go to a cooking class with him

Emma Danbury

I did this with my mom for Mother's Day one year and it was probably my best ever present. We drove all the way to the King Arthur Flour store and did a bread baking class. This is a great way to celebrate Father's Day because you get homemade food, get to learn some new techniques, and you get some quality father-daughter/son time.

6. Find a wine tasting to go to with him

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Steven Baboun

Depending on your age, of course, a wine tasting is a classy way to treat your dad. I know it's not exactly food, but they'll probably have some food there, too. And if they don't, well, wine is the next best thing.

7. Get him a gift certificate to his favorite restaurant

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Photo courtesy of Roman Arkhipov on Unsplash

It's probably nicer to go there with him on Father's Day, but if you happen to be far and away from your dad on Father's Day, a gift card to his favorite restaurant is a pretty a good option. It shows you care and hey, maybe he can FaceTime you in for the meal so it's at least like you're there.   

8. Go on a food tour with him

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Lily Morris

Yes, it's really a thing. A friend of mine went on a food tour of NYC recently, and apparently, they're pretty popular. Basically, it's like the name says — trying new foods in a given area bite-by-bite. If you live within driving distance to a nearby city (or anywhere else with a thriving food scene), this could be a lot of fun with your dad. 

9. Buy him a Father's Day themed cupcake

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Caty Schnack

I love themed cupcakes. I especially love making them, but lots of bakeries will have cupcakes specifically for Father's Day on sale. So, if you're not as big into the baking game as I am, a quick stop at a local bakery and you will probably find a nice Father's Day-themed treat.

There are plenty of great ways to celebrate Father's Day with food. So, if you were still deciding on a gift for dad for Father's Day, pick something to do from this list — they're simple, but generous, and they show your appreciation. Like your dad has probably said, "It's the thought that counts."