Having trouble deciding what to drink on NYE? Whether you're looking for a wild night out or a quiet night in, we have all the answers. Depending on how you want your 2017 to go, here are some suggestions for what you should toss in your glass on December 31st.

Find Love: Champagne

You're a hopeless romantic, hoping that 2017 will bring you your perfect match. Sip on some bubbly to get you in the midnight kiss ~mood~.

Keep Up With the Trends: Moscow Mule

People love Moscow Mules for their "Ooooh shiny cup" aesthetic. Order this fashionable drink on NYE for you and all your friends and be the trendiest person at the party (and all year long).

Hit the Gym More: Vodka Soda

Looking for a "low-calorie" way to party all night long? Look no further than the vodka soda. Once your hangover wears off, you'll be ready to hit the stairmaster.

Limit Your Partying Ways: Tequila Shots

If this is your New Year's resolution, you may try, but we all know you can't be tamed. Whatever your style—salt and lime or straight—a few shots will have you on the floor by the end of the night. 

Live on the Edge: Flaming White Russians

This drink is a real crowd pleaser. Show all of your friends how much of a daredevil you are (just be sure to blow out the flame before you down it).

#SpoonTip: Can't get enough of the flame? Here are all the best ways to use fire in the kitchen.

Make It Through This Party Without Mom and Dad Finding Out: Jell-O Shots

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Emma Lally

If your drink of choice on NYE is Jell-O shots, your party is likely being secretly held in your basement. Don't forget to throw all the beer cans in your neighbor's trash tomorrow so you don't start the year off grounded.

FTG: Cosmopolitan

You are a strong, independent woman who don't need no man. Toss back a couple cosmos with your girls—who needs a midnight kiss anyway? So overrated.

Looking to Remember as Little of 2016 as You Will of this Night: Long Island Iced Tea

We all know 2016 will go down as the biggest sh*t show of the century (RIP Harambe, Kanye West, America, the UK, etc.), and after a few of these, you will be too. Wipe last year from your mind with this drink on NYE and start with a clean slate in 2017.

Brunch More: Bloody Mary

Gone are the simpler days of the mimosa—in come over-the-top Bloody Mary's. Start your 2017 Sundays right with good friends and unnecessarily decorated drinks.

Stop Being a Troublemaker: Mocktail

Who says you need alcohol to have a good time? Mocktails aren't just for tweens—you can make fewer stupid decisions and still drink on NYE with these 21 mocktails.

Whatever your resolution, Spoon UVA wishes you a Happy New Year. Cheers to 2017!