Guy Fieri reminds me of that one dad who tries to do everything in his power to be cool. The spiked, unnaturally blond hair pretty much screams that at you.

That being said, it 100% makes sense that Guy recorded a Mannequin Challenge on the set of Guy's Grocery Games — and he totally killed it. 

For those of you who haven't heard of the newest internet trend, the Mannequin Challenge is a short video in which participants stand frozen in one particular pose.

Many celebrities have created their own Mannequin Challenges, including Hillary Clinton while on the campaign trail and Blac Chyna while in labor with the newest Kardashian. Round of applause to the new mama, am I right?

The frozen-in-action poses are usually hilarious, mind-blowing, or gasp-worthy. The Triple G Mannequin Challenge hits all three categories.

The Hilarious

Lasting just over four minutes, the video weaves through set and backstage catching shenanigans such as two guys having a light saber duel, a woman leaning in to kiss a dead fish, and a guy deejaying with some pots and pans.

The Mind-Blowing

Judge Troy Johnson squirting mustard into his mouth, a contestant flipping veggies in a pan, and another contestant stirring batter are among the more mindblowing parts of the video. All these things sound pretty unimpressive, but gravity is defied in these frozen positions.

The Gasp-Worthy

The best part of the entire video is the shot of the contestant who has cut one of his fingers clean off his hand. Between the image of the finger being separated from the hand, the mixed look of fear and pain on the guy's face, and the frozen screams of horror coming from the camera man and woman...

Guy Fieri was not messing around with this Mannequin Challenge.