Whether you love her or think she’s “the actual worst” like Total Sorority Move, we all know Carrie Bradshaw is the Queen of couture.

A little known fact is that she’s actually the Queen of trendy food, too.

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On any given episode of the treasured HBO show “Sex and the City,” Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte are seen brunching, drinking and dining at the trendiest spots in NYC. The fab four celebrated marriages and breakups, and gossiped about last night’s party while munching on fashionable eats.

Although it’s been over 17 years since the airing of the first SATC episode, there’s no question that the single NYC girls’ eating habits are just as in-vogue as ever.

1. Cosmopolitans

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Carrie’s drink of choice instantly became every woman’s drink of choice. The Cosmo is notoriously ordered by the girls essentially every night. Without this cocktail, SATC wouldn’t be the same. Keep calm and Carrie Bradshaw on while making your own Cosmo from this recipe from Love To Know.

2. Magnolia Cupcakes

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These sweet treats got their start when Carrie told Miranda about her crush on Aiden for the first time. Carrie bit down on the bakery’s pink frosted chocolate cupcake and the bakery has been hopping ever since — so popular that according to a Babble article, the Bleeker Street store in NYC now has to have a bouncer and a red velvet rope.

3. The Raw Food Diet

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When Samantha had a thing for a waiter named Smith Jerrod, she spent hours at a restaurant called Raw that served uncooked and unprocessed foods. Samantha never liked the cold food, she simply had the hots for the hot waiter. Nevertheless, the Raw Diet became a fad and is still very present today.

4. Sushi

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Through the late 1980’s, just as sushi was getting popular in the US, Carrie and her girlfriends were seen lavishly eating sushi throughout New York. And who could forget Samantha clothing herself in the fish as a Valentine’s Day surprise for Smith?

5. Frozen Yogurt

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Fro-Yo, or better known as God’s gift to mankind, is a seemingly guilt-free snack that had calorie-conscious girls like Carrie raving. The mania began when fro-yo from Tasti-D was name-dropped in a 2004 episode, and stores like Pinkberry and Red Mango everywhere.

Next time you’re treating yourself to a “Ladies Who Lunch” marathon on E!, look out for these trendy foods that got their start on the show.