Demi Lovato's Album "Tell Me You Love Me" is music to my ears so I decided to pair each song with a food that tastes as amazing as it sounds.  

Sorry Not Sorry - Salad Dressing

salad, rice, cheese, Dressing, vinegar, balsamic, napkin, fork, carrot, lettuce
Julia Gilman

Salad would be much healthier if you kept those leafy greens dry but, sorry not sorry, I'm drowning it in dressing. The salad will keep you looking like revenge while the dressing will keep your taste buds happy. Don't apologize for your calorie intake, just enjoy the delicious dish! 

Tell Me You Love Me - Wedding Cake

The inspiration for this delicious pairing came from the Tell Me You Love Me music video. The couple in the music video does not get their happily ever after but Demi does preach self-love with her line "everything I need is standing right in front of me" so naturally she should treat herself with the uncut wedding cake as she moves forward. 

Sexy Dirty Love - Dirt Pudding

The next time you make dirt putting be sure to play the equally as dirty song, Sexy Dirty Love. This delicious dessert is as addictive as Demi's new love.

You Don't Do It For Me Anymore - Healthy Ice Cream

cream, milk, dairy product, ice, dairy, sweet, yogurt, sorbet
Kathleen Lee

Healthy ice cream, you don’t do it for me anymore. As great as it would be to eat delicious ice cream that is also good for you, that combination is very hard to come by. Although some “healthy” ice cream has less fat, most of them are either still very processed or they are not as tasty. If you do find delicious healthy ice cream then hold on tight, but for now indulge yourself in the real deal.    

Daddy Issues - Cookie Dough 

chocolate, sweet
Malia Budd

You know that eating raw cookie dough is wrong but you can't help it. Just like Demi should wait for a relationship that is good for her, you should wait for cookies to finish baking; however, it is very challenging to fight temptations. Even if you tend to get a little obsessive, a little aggressive, a little bit too invested that does not mean raw cookie dough should be ingested.  

Ruin The Friendship - Sushi

eel, crab, nori, wasabi, salmon, shrimp, avocado, tuna, fish, rice, seafood, sushi, roll, chopsticks, California roll
Caroline Ingalls

Everyone knows that Ruin The Friendship is all about Nick Jonas, so why not listen to it while you eat one of his favorite foods? Maybe Nick and Demi will go on a sushi date soon and finally ruin the friendship.  

Only Forever - Honey

syrup, liquor, alcohol, wine, maple syrup, honey, oil, whisky, tea, molasses
Stephanie Lee

Archeologists found 3,000 year old honey in the Egyptian pyramids and, believe it or not, it was still edible. Honey is the perfect treat for Demi to have while she waits for her true love to make a move. How long will honey last? Only forever

Lonely - Soup

soup, carrot, pumpkin, bacon, parsley, potato
Katie Elliott

Soup is great for the soul. We all get a little emotional after belting out Demi's beautiful song Lonely so after listening to it be sure to combat that loneliness with a nice bowl of soup

Cry Baby - Chocolate Milk

coffee, milk, chocolate, espresso
Megan Prendergast

What do all babies need? Milk! Demi is no cry baby but she does need to nurse her broken heart. Milk will nourish her body and chocolate will comfort her soul. I can't think of a better way to heal. 

Games - Pringles

sweet, juice
Lara Schwieger

We've all played with our food before but what I remember most vividly is using Pringles to make a beak. Just how we should not play with our food, Demi's love interest should not toy with her emotions because he might find out the hard way that two can play these games

Concentrate - Blueberries

berry, pasture, blueberry, sweet, bilberry, blackberry
Jocelyn Hsu

If your new boo is distracting you, you should try eating blueberries. Blueberries are rich in antioxidants and are said to improve memory and motor function so they make a great snack when you are struggling to concentrate

Hitchhiker - Trail Mix  

nut, almond, cranberry, raisin
Tiare Brown

When Demi indulges her sweet tooth, her go-to treats are cashews and chocolate; if that doesn't sound like a great trail mix recipe than I don't know what does! Trail mix is also perfect for road trips so she can bring it along with her on her next hitchhiking adventure.

Some foods are so delicious that they make you want to sing; I hope the next time you have one of these treats you belt out one of Demi's fabulous songs.