Last weekend, Spoon University and CHAARG (Changing Health, Attitudes, + Actions to Recreate Girls) got together with OrderUp on the University of Iowa campus to enjoy some sun and get their yoga on. Because what's better than combining food and fitness?

Combining food and fitness, everyone who came got to relax for an hour in the midst of mid-terms. Because, let's be real, at this point in the semester we could all use some deep breathing and a few seconds (or minutes) in child's pose.

The weather in Iowa is finally starting to get warmer (thank God), and the school semester is coming to an end (thank GOD). Needless to say that delicious smoothies and yoga flows were much needed.

OrderUp came in clutch and provided fruit smoothies from the rec center's Power Cafe--one made with kale and pineapple, another with berries and acai, both AMAZING. 

Yoga was led by the lovely and awesome Megan Tackett. Megan teaches Health and Physical Activities classes at the University of Iowa, and was kind enough to volunteer her time for us! 

The event was free and open to the public, so people of all ages and fitness levels were invited to join.

My good friend, Zach, ended up being the only guy there. Awkward at first, he ended up loving it and having a great time. Right after, he asked when we could do yoga again!

grass, beer, cake
Ashleigh Monaco

It was awesome to connect people in different orgs on campus that wouldn't usually meet. Spoon is all about making food fun, and CHAARG is all about helping girls (and in this case, one boy) find their fit. 

It makes sense that the two chapters coming together would end up working so perfectly. Spoon Iowa and Iowa CHAARG teaming up with OrderUp-- AKA a college student's food delivery dream--got ourselves the perfect morning to sweat our asanas off and relax in the sunshine.