Warm weather is approaching (hopefully), which means everyone's Instagram feed is going to get a little bit more basic. Be prepared to look at beach pictures, darty pictures, and the most basic of them all, food and drink pictures, and what's better than drinking a milkshake on a hot day? Taking a picture for Instagram before drinking it. Did you even drink an artsy milkshake if you didn't post a picture of it on Instagram? 

In order to take the perfect picture, you first need to have the perfect milkshake. Trust me, there are many restaurants and shops that can fulfill all of your milkshake dreams. If you want everyone to drool over your Instagram photos, or if you're simply looking for some milkshake porn yourself, here are 17 places that have the most aesthetically-pleasing milkshakes. 

1. Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer

No milkshake listicle would be complete without Black Tap. This NYC favorite is so popular, people are trying to create their own version of these shakes at home. Black Tap gives you the best of both worlds — you never have to choose between a cake and a shake again. I hope your Instagram picture of a Black Tap shake is worth the long wait time. 

2. Sugar Factory

Sugar Factory really lives up to their name with all of the decadent sweets they put in and on their shakes. The decorated glasses make for a great picture, but don't eat the glass after you drink the shake. If you really need more sugar, opt for one of their chocolate martinis. Then you can get two Instagram pictures (because screw anyone who says you can't post more than one photo a day).  

3. Cookie Dō NYC

If you haven't heard of  in NYC, you're probably living under a rock. Dō fulfills your childhood pastime of eating raw cookie dough while fulfilling your basic desires of drinking a shake from one of the trendiest places in New York. Treat yourself to a cone of cookie dough while you take pictures of your amazing shake.   

4. Momofuku Milk Bar

Milk Bar shakes come in flavors like coffee and cereal, so you can buy them both and drink them for breakfast (right)? Regardless of when you drink the shakes, the photos will definitely please your both Instagram followers and your stomach.

5. Diner By The Sea

Diner By The Sea milkshakes on Long Island are so magical that even unicorns drink them. The best thing about this small diner is that you can get a different picture every time because the owners always change the colors, sprinkles, and decorations. So keep coming back for more ways to brighten up your Instagram feed. 

6. Buns Bar

Duh-nuh-nuh-nuh Batman (milkshake)! Buns Bar decorates shakes with everyone's favorite characters. They make Batman, Spongebob, Spiderman, etc. The possibilities and the picture opportunities are endless. It's great for kids (or for college students that wish they were still kids).  

7. Big Daddy's Restaurant 

Big Daddy's serves aesthetically-pleasing milkshakes with cotton candy, but they also have bacon shakes (need I say more)? Bacon makes any meal or any picture 1,000 times better.  

8. LunchBox Laboratory 

LunchBox Laboratory will bring out your inner scientist. After you snap a picture of this milkshake, you can take a test tube shot of caramel. If you're craving something too strong to be put in a kid's lunchbox, opt for one of their vodka shakes instead. 

9. Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain

Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain serves up shakes that are both classic and delicious. This shop used to be an apothecary store, which will be sure to add a timeless element to your photo. Your followers will thank you for a picture of these simple, but delectable shakes. 

10. Burgatory Bar

Burgers and shakes. Name a more iconic duo (I'll wait). Burgatory offers burgers and shakes that will make your followers' mouths water. You can also get a range of unique toppings — because who needs a cherry on top when you can have a chocolate-covered strawberry? 

11. Hopdoddy Burger Bar

Hopdoddy Burger Bar tops off their s'mores milkshake with marshmallow fluff whipped cream (this is not a drill). I repeat, marshmallow fluff whipped cream. This shake will definitely give actual s'mores a run for their money. Plus, I'm sure this shake would get more likes than a regular s'more

12. Max Brenner

Max Brenner serves their milkshakes in Alice cups that literally say "Drink Me." You don't have to tell me twice. All of your followers will recognize this Alice cup because it's a Max Brenner staple. So be sure to post it after you leave, so you don't have to bring back chocolate for all of your friends. 

13. The Franklin Fountain

The Franklin Fountain in Philadelphia serves up shakes that are so bright you won't even need to use an Instagram filter. Plus, they serve their ice cream in a to-go box. So treat yourself to an ice cream and a shake because the ice cream is just a snack for later (or now). 

14. Bruxie

Bruxie definitely got the hungry part right, but they should also add a box for thirsty. If you're thirsty for a shake and thirsty for Instagram likes, be sure to check out Bruxie in California. 

15. FLIP Burger Boutique

FLIP Burger Boutique's Lucky Charm shake will make your followers green with envy. This colorful shake is definitely magically delicious. 

16. Serendipity 3 

Frozen hot chocolate from Serendipity 3 isn't exactly a milkshake, but it's cold, chocolate, and delicious, which is good enough for me. It's also big enough to share (if you're nice), which can make for a cute photo of you and your friends sipping on this frozen treat together. 

17. Planet Hollywood Observatory

The only thing more magical than Disney is a milkshake you can get at Planet Hollywood Observatory in Orlando. Don't worry if you're indecisive and don't know whether you want cake, ice cream, or candy. These milkshakes combine all of the sweets your heart could ever desire. Like Disney World, Planet Hollywood Observatory is where dreams come true. 

Milkshakes can be used to bring boys to the yard, but they can also be used for Instagram likes. Hopefully you can make it to these 17 places, but if not, I guess you have to live vicariously through these spots' Instagram photos.