If you’re looking to switch up some everyday food, putting them in the freezer is sure to be a delicious way to do so. Not only does it change the texture of the item, it’s incredibly easy to do. Discovering how great some of these foods that are good frozen may leave you wanting to never try to eat them “plain ol’ Jane” again!

Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies

The refreshing taste of mint is amplified when frozen—I mean, it just makes sense. Not only does freezing this treat give it a cooling kick, it also makes the crunch of the cookie intensify. Whenever I get these, I don’t even bother eating them room temperature, because they’re so incredibly good when cold. This also works with Junior Mints or York Peppermint Patties, but Thin Mints are my personal favorite out of the minty entourage.

Capri Suns

When is the last time you’ve had one of these? Well, set the memories aside because we’re changing up the way you drink Capri Suns. If you put them in the freezer, they actually become the perfect Popsicle. All you have to do is cut off one side off of the pouch and squeeze it out, and it’s instantly a delicious frozen treat.

Grapes... or any fruit for that matter

Grapes are already the best concept, as they’re practically nature’s Gusher. When they’re frozen, they become refreshing little balls of slushy. Watermelon, mangoes and so many other fruits also are great in the freezer as their hollowness make them prime freezing material. An especially nice treat is a frozen banana. I personally like to mash it up frozen, then drizzle chocolate sauce on top.


Chocolate in general is good frozen, but especially M&M's because of their candied outside. When they’re frozen, they’re given that extra crunch. Also, when they’re hardened, it slows you down when popping handfuls into your mouth so you can savor them more, (if you’re an animal like me).

Soft Desserts

Brownies and cheesecakes are tasty frozen because their creamy texture becomes fudgy in the cold. I wouldn’t recommend putting cookies in the freezer, because they may get too hard due to being rather dense. However, definitely experiment putting various soft desserts in the freezer. It can truly put a twist on a classic texture.

Next time you’re “iffy” about a food item, try throwing it in the freezer. For these items, it definitely changes the way they taste and can create yummy frozen treats that you never even imagined before. These foods are seriously good, if not better, frozen.