You might Sprinkles Cupcakes is just a regular cupcake bakery not any different than all the others. But they have so much more thank your run of the mill cupcake shop. Here are 13 things you never knew about Sprinkles Cupcakes that make it amazing, from its history to what's in the oven.

1. It's the world's first cupcake bakery.

Candace Nelson opened Sprinkles Cupcakes, otherwise know as the first cupcake bakery in the world, in Beverly Hills, California back in 2005.  Now it has several locations across the country and sells so much more than just cupcakes.

2. They sell ice cream, too.

From red velvet to coconut almond fudge, the flavors they make and sell goes on forever. Make a Sprinkles sundae using a cupcake or even a Sprinkles shake. However you want to eat your ice cream, you can do it at Sprinkles.

3. You can purchase whole pints (online too!).

Although their cupcakes can't be shipped nationwide, at least their delicious ice cream can. Definitely the ultimate gift for any holiday or birthday.

4. They bake their own cookies fresh daily.

Flavors include a variety from chocolate chip to peanut butter pretzel chip to snickerdoodle. Try an ice cream sandwich using whatever cookies and ice cream you can find in the shop!

5. Sprinkles launched the first cupcake ATM.

Yes, they have a 24 hour cupcake ATM at select locations! Craving a late night snack? This is the perfect spot to hit up—and with all flavors baked that day are included.

6. They have a cupcake truck.

There is a Sprinkles mobile that travels near its locations. It is fabulous to find when you are craving a cupcake on the street or if you want to rent it out for a special event.

7. Founder Candace Nelson is on TV.

The founder of Sprinkles, Candace Nelson, is a judge on the television series Cupcake Wars. Tune in to The Food Network to watch Candace in action, while judging other individual's cupcakes.

8. All locations are eco-friendly. 

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Caty Schnack

Bakery boxes, shopping bags, and napkins are all made out of recycled substances. They also make their products using high-quality dairy and produce from local farms. For Sprinkles, sustainability is key.

9. They craft boxes for special occasions.

All locations make cupcake boxes for different events and holidays, from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas. Whatever you want, Sprinkles Cupcakes will most certainly make for you.

10. They have mini cupcakes, too.

Craving just half a cupcake? Well, you can just get a mini cupcake instead of a regular sized one. Good things come in small packages.

11. They have a wide variety of specialty cupcakes. 

They may not have all special cupcakes year round, but definitely multiple times a year. This past year, they introduced their black velvet cupcake and created their s'mores cupcake a few years back. You name it, they most likely bake it!

12. They have cupcakes for dogs. 

I know that I cannot leave Sprinkle's Cupcakes unless I buy a specialized cupcake for my dog. He loves and gulps them down within seconds.

13. You can bake Sprinkles cupcakes in your own kitchen.

You can purchase the vanilla, dark chocolate, or red velvet cupcake mix flavors at Williams-Sonoma stores and website. Get the smell of a real Sprinkles Cupcakes in the heart of your home.

Whatever your sweet tooth desires, Sprinkles Cupcakes has it. Make sure to check out this amazing place in any of its locations.