Picture this: you have a quality camera (an iPhone is okay too), aesthetically pleasing scenery, and food that looks great with the scenery. This is a perfect scenario and not one made up in your mind, this actually exists. Connecticut has places to eat that are surrounded by nature, whether it be the sea or forest. So bring your camera and visit these aesthetically pleasing food places.

1. The Wäffle Bar

Who doesn't love the idea of creating your dream waffle? There are a ton of options; fruit, Nutella, whipped cream, etc. The Wäffle Bar is located in Old Lyme, CT and right down the road is the beach, so if that does not scream aesthetic, I don't know what will.

2. Bowl'd Creations

Bowl'd Creations' home port is in Madison, CT and is home to some delicious açaí bowls. Bowl'd Creations is available via food truck, so if you're having an event and it happens to be aesthetic, hit up this place. You won't regret it. Açaí bowls have become very aesthetic and you don't need to have a artsy background because the açaí bowl will do the job, but you can always add one in for more pizzazz.  

3. NV Bakery & Cafe

Two separate restaurants, but located right across the street from each other. Caffe NV is home to delicious desserts and a stained glass window, which screams aesthetic. NV Bakery & Market is home to some pretty amazing crêpes (15 in total) and healthy smoothies, such as the Green Energizer and Hangover Helper (we've all been there, so knowing there is help out there to cure the infamous hangover is heaven sent). 

4. Muddy Waters Cafe

Literally five minutes from NV Bakery and Caffe NV (seriously, I googled it). This little unique and funky coffee shop is located in New London, CT with neat little nooks to seat at and read a book. They have really cool knick knacks to look at and their movie posters on the walls are sweet. Their coffee is delicious, but let's be honest, if you own a coffee shop, the coffee has got to be rocking. Luckily, Muddy Waters Cafe has rocking coffee, such as The Nutty Irishman.

5. Buttonwoods Farm Ice Cream

Buttonwoods Ice Cream is located in Griswold, CT and has a plethora of homemade ice cream flavors. They are a seasonal establishment, opening in March and closing in October.

In 2003, they started growing sunflowers and since then, Buttonwoods has been known for their ice cream and sunflowers. When you purchase sunflowers, 100% of the proceeds go to Make-A-Wish Foundation. Picture it, ice cream in a waffle cone against a sunflower background, just has aesthetic written all over it, so sign me up.

6. Costello's Clam Shack

If you are an ocean lover like I am, then you will appreciate Costello's Clam Shack. Located in Noank, CT, this restaurant is seasonal, but oh so beautiful when it is open and their outdoor seating is on a pier facing the water. Their seafood is phenomenal and it is BYOB, so you can do as you please with that information, you're welcome. Your clam chowder is going to look so nice with the ocean in the background, your Instagram will thank you. 

7. The Juice Box

New Haven, CT is home to some iconic places, such as Frank Pepe's Pizzeria. But, The Juice Box is a newly opened juice bar. It is home to 100% vegetarian and 100% gluten free smoothies, juices, and even açaí bowls. That has healthy written all over it, but what's wrong with that? Nothing, thats what. Your smoothie will look cool against their The Juice Box neon sign. 

8. Milkcraft

Ice cream frozen by liquid nitrogen in a bubble cone is definitely something our world has been blessed with. So thank you Milkcraft for bringing this invention to Fairfield, CT. Milkcraft makes all their products from scratch and are firm believers in local farms. Take a trip to Milkcraft and take a picture of your ice cream against that stellar Milkcraft wall, you won't regret it. 

9. Poppy & Rye

Now heading over to Taftville, CT, you will come across a quaint bakery cafe called Poppy & Rye. Their bagels and pastries are made fresh daily, so you will never be let down with freshness. Jars of coffee beans line the front counter, which just has aesthetic written all over it. 

10. The Granola Bar

Westport, CT is known for its fancy aesthetic and The Granola Bar is one of those artsy places. The products they use are local and organic which seems to be a big trend nowadays, which it should always be because local and organic is the shit man. The Granola Bar label just has an artsy feel, so go and take a picture of that smoothie, your Instagram needs it. 

Now, with the creative juices flowing throw you, go take those aesthetic food pictures and show everyone how trendy you are, you deserve it.