When one thinks of great food, it’s rare that the state of Connecticut will pop into your mind, let alone Fairfield County. People instead correlate the county with grand houses and Vineyard Vines. Okay, so maybe that is an accurate correlation, but Fairfield County is so much more than preppiness. It is fresh seafood. It is thin crust pizza. It is homey farm-to-table restaurants. It is an infinite amount of diners and local shacks. So if you happen to be in the area, here is a list of the 50 things that you need to eat before you die.

1. Pizza at Colony Grill

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Colony Grill is a staple of Fairfield County and there is no question why. The pizzeria/tavern was opened in 1935 by Irish-immigrants who invented the “bar-pie,” pizza that is smaller in diameter than most, with an extremely thin crust and not too much cheese, making it easy to hold a slice in one hand. You know, so you can hold a beer in the other.

This one-of-a-kind pizza became so popular that Colony chose to eliminate all other menu items. Therefore, it does not matter what kind of topping you choose to put on your pizza. It will be delicious no matter what. Still, if you like spice, definitely get some “hot oil” on the pizza. It really takes the pie to another level. You can find a Colony in Stamford, Fairfield, Milford, and Norwalk, although, we recommend the Stamford location because it is the original, and therefore, superior.

2. The New Canaan Special at Tony’s Deli

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If you ask any New Canaan High School student where to get the best breakfast sandwich, they will smile large, and yell out “Tony’s Deli!” Their menu is extensive, full of options like Breakfast Platters, Wraps, Chicken Specialties, and Hot Sandwiches. But their specialty is for sure the breakfast sandwich.

Tony’s Deli began with a crew that exclusively made bacon, egg, and cheeses. Those simple breakfast sandwiches have since evolved, blessing us with the king of breakfast sandwiches, The New Canaan Special. This sandwich includes the classic bacon, egg, and cheese with a twist: potato cones. Why more delis do not put fried shit in their sandwiches? We may never know.

3. Tacos at Bodega Taco Bar

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Bodega Taco Bar, with locations in Darien and Fairfield, opened with one goal in mind: to do their own thing. They created an innovative menu that hits on all of the current foodie and hipster trends. On top of that, they know that everything tastes better in a tortilla. Those ideas create the perfect recipe for some of the best and most original tacos you have ever eaten.

Some of our favorite tacos include the Crunch Kale and Mushroom and the Seared Tuna. We also highly recommend that you get a side of the Bodega Grilled Corn and Blistered Brussel Sprouts. Mexican has never tasted so trendy.

4. Crepes at Meli Melo

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Ever wanted to go to France? No need. You can just eat at Meli Melo. Located in the heart of Greenwich, Meli Melo offers the freshest and best ingredients in the form of soups, sandwiches, salads, crepes, juices, sorbets, and ice cream. Clearly, the restaurant’s name, which in English means “hodgepodge,” holds true.

Whether sweet, savory, or flambé, their crepes are a must (especially when topped with their homemade ice cream). We also strongly recommend that you order the French Onion Soup, which is the cheesiest, most delicious soup in the history of soups. No matter what you order, you will feel as if you are enjoying your lunch in Paris.

5. Hibachi at Abis Japanese Restaurant

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Abis is the quintessential hibachi restaurant, giving customers delicious food, incredible service, and fried egg being thrown at the mouth. If you are from Greenwich, it is likely that you had a birthday party at this restaurant. If you are not from Greenwich, Abis is still worth a visit.

6. Prix Fixe Meal at The Schoolhouse at Cannondale

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Even if you want to take a break from school, nothing should prevent you from visiting the The Schoolhouse at Cannondale. The New American restaurant is set inside an actual schoolhouse built in 1873. In 2006, Wilton chef Tim LaBant transformed the darling little house into the restaurant that it is today, truly making it a perfect representation of New England style.

The Schoolhouse has an amazing brunch and dinner is constantly delicious, but the restaurant really shines on Thursday nights when you can purchase their prix fixe meal. For those of you who aren’t aware, a prix fixe meal is a full course meal at a set price which includes the chef’s favorites. At the Schoolhouse, you can get four courses for $48, or $75 with a wine flight. All this makes for the perfect Connecticut dinner.

7. Pastries at SoNo Baking Company & Cafe

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SoNo Baking Company, often known as the SoNo Bakery, offers up creative, yet homey, baked goods. After walking down the Norwalk River, you can sit down at the cafe with a cup of coffee and enjoy a delicious brunch, or you can stop by and pick up a consistently delicious and freshly made pastry. We highly recommend that you order an iced mocha and a chocolate croissant for the best breakfast to-go.

8. Paella at Barcelona

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Photo courtesy of @barcelonawinebar on Instagram

Many Fairfield County middle school students visit this restaurant for a Spanish field trip, making for one of the best days of their middle school career. Barcelona offers their customers an authentic Spanish fine dining experience. You can enjoy countless tapas (our favorites being the Grilled Octopus and the Beef Empanadas) or delicious family-style plates. Anything you order will be great, but you absolutely must have the paella. The Spanish rice dish, stuffed with seafood and sausage galore, will surely please the entire group. You can find Barcelonas all across the East Coast, but as far as Fairfield County goes, there is one in Greenwich, Stamford, Fairfield, and Norwalk.

9. Pete’s Stuffed Brie Burger at Black Duck Cafe

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Photo courtesy of Black Duck Cafe

Black Duck Cafe was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and there is no surprise why. This Connecticut hub is placed right on the water of Westport, displaying great visuals for great meat. The chefs at Black Duck cook over 75,000 oysters a year, but what really stands out are Pete’s Stuffed Brie Burger.

I know what you’re thinking: stuffed? Now, how is a burger stuffed? That means that when you take a bite of the burger, gooey delicious cheese will ooze out, making for a life-changing burger experience.

10. Donuts at Lakeside Diner

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Have you ever seen the movie College Road Trip? Remember that scene when Raven and her dad go to a diner? Well, guess what? Lakeside Diner is that diner. That fun fact should not be the only incentive for you to visit Lakeside Diner.

First off, this diner lives up to its name, actually placed above the cutest little lake you have ever seen, also setting the scene for classic, homey diner experience. Second, their pancakes are the size of a small child. Third, their donuts. Their donuts are out of this world. They are made fresh daily and are delightfully sweet. Ordering a donut at Lakeside is an absolute necessity, but rumor has it, if you visit Lakeside at its later hours, you can receive whatever extra donuts they have…for free.

11. Seared Foie Gras at Thomas Henkelmann

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If you are eating for a special occasion, the Thomas Henkelmann restaurant should be your first choice. Housed in a farmhouse built in 1799, the French restaurant supplies customers with the classic Colonial Connecticut feels and some of the best damn food your mouth has ever tasted.

Professional Chef, Thomas Henkelmann uses the freshest of ingredients in order to create an authentic fine-dining French experience. Anything that you order here will be fantastic, but we recommend ordering the fanciest of the fancy. That would be the seared Hudson Valley duck foie gras, because why not? This delicate dish comes with macaroni and cheese and caramelized granny smith applies. Is your mouth watering yet?

12. The Works at Valencia Luncheria

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Valencia is another favorite, as it is the only restaurant in Connecticut that offers Venezuelan beach Food, a melting pot of casual South American cuisine. To get what this restaurant is all about, anyone who visits must order “The Works.” The dish comes with a choice of soup, an arepa (a corn cake stuffed with goodness, like beans, meat, avocado, etc.), an empanada (kind of like a mini pie also stuffed with savory or sweet goodness), rice, beans, and ceviche. Yep, this meal is perfection.

13. Tofu Scramble at Bloodroot

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Bloodroot is so much more than a cute lunch spot; it’s also a vegan, feminist bookshop. All of these layers makes for an amazing experience. You can hit up this Bridgeport cafe, order their vegan bread and tofu scramble (both taste even better than the real deal), and casually read a book about female empowerment. That is what I call a great afternoon.

14. The Lunch Buffet at Baingan

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Photo courtesy of @liztravers24 on Instagram

Although Baingan is slightly off the main roads, it is some of the most authentic Indian food you will ever eat. You can go there for dinner and order some of your favorites, or you can visit their lunch buffet. If you have not gone to an Indian lunch buffet, you are missing out. Picture this: never ending naan, chicken tikka masala, samosas, etc. all for a set price. For all that, Shelton’s Baingan is sure to satisfy.

15. Cinnamon Sugar Dusted Donuts at Olio Restaurant

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Photo courtesy of @heystamford on Instagram

Olio Restaurant is one of the hidden gems of Stamford, giving customers a fine dining experience and New American cuisine. Most of their ingredients are from local and organic sources and components to dishes are made in-house daily, including their sauces, stocks, pastas, breads, pastries, and ice cream. With your choice of homemade pastas, dinner at Olio is outstanding. Although, what really shines, is their brunch where you can order the Cinnamon Dusted Sugar Donuts. Fresh out of the fryer and served with a Nutella dipping sauce, the donut bites are little balls of heaven.

16. Fried Mac and Cheese Bites at Merritt Canteen

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Photo courtesy of @spoon_loyola on Instagram

Merritt Canteen has been serving Bridgeport’s best hamburgers and hot dogs since 1942. But what started out as a quaint little hut has now become one of the most renowned fried food locations on the East Coast. Guy Fieri even stopped by for Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. High school and Sacred Heart University students flock to Merritt Canteen for “treat-yo-self” afternoons and late night snacks.

Merritt Canteen may be known for their burgers and dogs, but the real delicacy is their Mac and Cheese Bites. They take one of the best foods in the world, mac and cheese, and the deep fry it. I cannot imagine anything better.

17. Gelato at Gelatissimo

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Photo courtesy of @gelatissimo_artisan_gelato on Instagram

Can’t afford to fly to Italy? That’s okay, just visit Gelatissimo instead. The husband and wife team, Andrea and Nuccia, were both born in Italy. Nuccia learned at a young age how to hand churn gelato and thankfully, she blessed New Canaan with her skills.

Gelatissimo has over 60 flavors in rotation, all made with fresh and natural ingredients. Some of the most popular flavors include Stracciatella (Mint Chocolate Chip) and Cioccholato (Chocolate). There are also several obscure and innovative flavors like Prickly Pear and Dairy-Free Passionfruit Sorbet. No matter what flavor(s) you choose, we are confident that it will be some of the best gelato that you have ever eaten. Bonus: gelato has less fat than ice cream, so order up!

18. Chicken Cutlet Sandwich at Uncle’s Deli

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Photo courtesy of @ctfoodlovers on Instagram

Darien’s Uncle’s Deli has one main goal: to feed the hungry with overstuffed sandwiches and bacon, egg and cheeses. Now, after being open for three decades, they have an award-winning reputation and have won the right to call themselves one of the best delis in Connecticut. You will be overjoyed with any sandwich or sub off of their menu, but we recommend the Chicken Cutlet Sandwich. You can thank us later.

19. Chocolate Lava Cake at Valbella

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Photo courtesy of @feedyoursoul on Instagram

If it is your birthday, if you are getting engaged or married, if you need to impress the mafia, or if you just want to drop a chunk of money on some of the greatest food that your mouth has tasted, Valbella is the place for you. You are able to enjoy your dinner in one of their three formal dining rooms, their luxurious wine cellar, or their moon lit outdoor patio, in a ridiculously beautiful Victorian house in Greenwich.

The menu is full of delectable Italian options, like freshly-made pasta and farm raised meat. Though, the real celebrity of this meal, is the Chocolate Lava Cake dessert. Watching that liquid chocolate ooze out of the rich chocolate cake is straight up porn. Imagine what it feels like when you take a bite.

20. Tacos at Bartaco

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Photo courtesy of @bartacolife on Instagram

Although Fairfield County is technically by the beach, we often lack the beachy summer feel that exists in California and Florida. Thankfully, Bartaco in Stamford and Westport provides us with those sun-soaked vibes.

Bartaco is inspired by the beach culture of Brazil, Uruguay and Southern California making you feel like you are at a stylish beach resort. Obviously, they have tacos (and they are the bomb), but they also offer freshly squeezed juice, specialty cocktails, margaritas, and beer out of the bottle. With all that, there is no reason not to visit Bartaco.

21. Iced Flavored Latte at Zumbach’s Gourmet Coffee

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Photo courtesy of @cashfri on Instagram

As our only coffee shop on the list, you must be thinking, gee, Zumbach’s Coffee Shop must serve some pretty great coffee. If that is in fact what you are thinking, you are correct. The moment you walk into Zumbach’s you are hit with the strong smell of freshly ground coffee beans. The baristas ground an average of 250 pounds of their 40 to 50 varieties of coffee a day, basically allowing coffee to enter your veins just by standing inside the store.

Many customers choose to enjoy one of Zumbach’s teas (chai is my personal favorite), or a refreshing Italian soda (imported flavor syrup and sparkling water). While these are both great choices, nothing compares to a flavored iced latte. Although this drink appears to be a simple choice, finding the perfect balance between the sweet flavor syrup and the strong espresso and not adding too much milk can be tricky (Starbucks we’re looking at you) but Zumbach’s has completely mastered it. We promise that nothing will power you through a day of work like that drink.

22. A Barbecue Platter at Hoodoo Brown BBQ

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Photo courtesy of @hoodoobrownbbq on Instagram

Hoodoo Brown’s slogan in “The baddest barbecue around.” If by bad they mean “bad-ass,” then the slogan is extremely accurate. The spirit of Hoodoo Brown, a cowboy and chef who epitomized the Wild West, is alive in the barbecue joint’s food. Go with a group and share one of their barbecue platters. This comes with a variety of their slow-cooked, wood-smoked meat, cornbread and some more sides. This BBQ will truly make you feel bad to the bone.

23. Soft Serve Ice Cream at Stew Leonard’s

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Photo courtesy of @eatfortheinsta on Instagram

Being in Fairfield County and not going to Stew Leonard’s is basically a sin. But for those of you who don’t know what the magical land of Stew’s is, I will break it down for you:

After walking past pumpkin patches and giant baskets of apples, you step inside and you are immediately hit with the smell of fresh bagels and other various baked goods. After which, you begin walking through the labyrinth of a store. Throughout the journey, you approach various animatronics (sounds freaky, I know, but they are actually quite delightful — shout out to Chiquita Banana), you observe various products being before your eyes, and you are treated to tasty samples. If that brief summary did not get you in the car already, this will: The Stew Leonard trail eventually leads you to a homemade soft serve section made from their own dairy. If you spend more than $100, you get the ice cream for free. Clearly, Stew Leonard’s is not a grocery store, it is a lifestyle.

24. Ramen at Mecha Noodle Bar

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Photo courtesy of @eatramen on Instagram

Meaning “Ma and Pa” in Vietnamese, Mecha Noodle Bar will make you feel right at home. The restaurant was opened in order to pay homage to all of the hidden gems across Asia. Fairfield County is not known for Asian food, but Mecha Noodle Bar, in both South Norwalk and Fairfield, has fought to show Connecticut kids what asian comfort food is all about. We recommend that you order ramen on a chilly day, and slurp away.

25. Nuggets and Cones at Garden Catering

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Photo courtesy of @gardencatering on Instagram

For years, Garden Catering has been a classic High School hangout for Fairfield County students. They have the most amazingly fattening and greasy snacks available. Their chicken nuggets are made with 100% white meat chicken and always come straight out of the fryers. Their cones are basically little balls of potato heaven. Top everything off with their famous seasoning and you are in for one heck of a meal. Skip McDonald’s. Choose Garden Catering, instead.

26. Ceviche at Brasitas

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Photo courtesy of @brasitasrestaurants on Instagram

As one of the first “nuevo latino” restaurants, giving the perfect mix of latin fusion, Brasitas truly offers a one of kind experience. If their empanadas, carne asada, and homemade polenta don’t get your mouth watering, their ceviche certainly will. This refreshing appetizer is full of calamari, shrimp and avocado and is the perfect way to start your afternoon at Brasitas.

27. Pecan Pie French Toast at Bailey’s Backyard

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Photo courtesy of @fairfieldcountymuchies on Instagram

Bailey’s Backyard has always been a spectacular restaurant, as it mission is to offer refined, New American cuisine in a polished, relaxed atmosphere. But in 2013, Bailey’s took it up a notch when they transformed themselves into a farm-to-table restaurant. Now you can enjoy some awesome brunches and dinners and know that your food is coming from a reliable source (such as farms in Shelton, Roxbury, Bridgewater, and Newtown). If you go for brunch, you should indulge in the Pecan Pie French Toast. This heavenly dish is made with challah bread, which if you didn’t already know, is the best bread for french toast. It’s topped with pecan pie dulce de leche, cream cheese, maple syrup, and whipped cream. I’m literally drooling as I write about it.

28. Shawafel Sandwich at Layla’s Falafel

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Photo courtesy of foodspotting.com

Meat and falafel. What could be better? Layla’s Falafel serves freshly made falafel and freshly cut shawarma, basically meat (usually beef, lamb, or chicken), that is on a huge ass rotisserie skewer. We recommend that you combine these two dishes and order a “Shawafel.” You could get it in a platter or stuffed in a wrap sandwich with as many spicy sauces and peppers and veggies and hummus and babaganoush you could ever want.

29. Breakfast Pizza at Fat Cat Pie Co.

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Photo courtesy of pinterest.com

Fat Cat Pizza Co. is the perfect place to enjoy some pizzas and some beers with a large group. Their pizzas are made in the typical flat Fairfield County way, making it easy to eat about 10 slices. They also have great salads (the quinoa kale is a must) and desserts made with crazy and surprising ingredients that make the dish both healthier and more tasty. For example, chocolate cake made with beets. Though, the dish that surpasses all is Fat Cat’s breakfast pizza. They use their classic crust as a base for eggs, bacon, and veggies of your choice. Pizza is the the best food, so why not find a way to eat it for every meal?

30. Italian White Truffles with Handmade Fettuccine at Rebecca’s

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Photo courtesy of @gigi_tita on Instagram

What is those funny looking things on the top of that pasta above, you ask? Is it some kind of dried onion? No. Is it bacon? No, although, I would be pretty fine with that. It is pure, freshly shaven white truffle. I guess that its apparent from the name, Italian white truffles with handmade fettuccine (which states that the truffles are the forefront of the meal), that this is the most sophisticated dinner you could ever eat.

Well, Rebecca’s Restaurant is all about the sophistication, as they serve New American food with minimalist surroundings. This is not a spot that you can hit up any old night, as just the pasta dish I have been rambling on about is $90. But if you are living on a Greenwich budget, you can definitely afford treating yourself to Rebecca’s.

31. Meatball Sub at Mima’s Meatballs and More

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Photo courtesy of @stella.lena on Instagram

Mima’s Meatballs and More gives is the Italian grandmother that we never had. Mima’s is a fast casual Italian restaurant that gives customers handmade meatballs and pizza. The meatball sub is truly the comfort food of the century. Channel your inner Joey Tribbiani and get a meatball sub pronto.

32. Chicken and Waffles at Walrus + Carpenter

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Photo courtesy of @heybigmike on Instagram

This family-owned and operated American restaurant, Walrus + Carpenter, takes barbecue to the next level. The smell of slow cooked meats completely fill the room and the beer is constantly flowing. Although you could go there for dinner and have a barbecue platter, you absolutely need to go for brunch in order to have the chicken and waffles. Let me break this down for you: Chicken. Waffles. Sriracha Honey Butter. That dish hits all the flavors.

33. Huevos Rancheros at Rosie

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Photo courtesy of @rosienewcanaan on Instagram

The Rosie motto is “taste the love.” Well, the love is most definitely evident in this New Canaan brunch spot. Rosie serves Latin-inspired breakfast and lunch food made with fresh ingredients and an authentic flair. There are many favorites here, but some of the most popular is the avocado toast, the fish burrito, and the huevos rancheros.

Hopefully you already know what huevos rancheros is because it’s probably one of the best breakfast dishes in existence. But just in case you do not, here ya go: tortilla topped with egg, beans, cilantro, salsa, and ideally, avocado. With Rosie’s freshly made salsa, the huevos rancheros makes for the best breakfast in NC.

#SpoonTip: Make sure you start with a muffin. Seriously the muffins at Rosie are the greatest muffins in the entire world. Sometimes I stay up late at night thinking about these muffins.

34. The Harlan Burger at Harlan Social

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Photo courtesy of @ctfoodlovers on Instagram

This New American restaurant can easily please the entire family. Harlan Social displays a wide variety of eats,from pasta, to seafood, to small plates with flavors from all around the world. My favorite dish by far is the Harlan Burger. The juicy burger is topped with a cheddar ale sauce and onion and bacon jam. It is all the flavors of a bacon cheeseburger taken to a whole other level.

35. Peakytoe Crab Dip at The Whelk

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Photo courtesy of @thewhelkwestport on Instagram

Sitting right on the Saugatuck River, The Whelk offers up some of the freshest and most innovative seafood dishes in the state. You could play it safe and order a warm lobster roll or roasted oysters, or you could be adventurous and get head-on prawns or pig head on pumpernickel. No matter what you are feeling, it is an absolutely necessary for you to get the peakytoe crab dip to start. The melt-in-you-mouth seafood and the beautiful view of the river will most definitely make for a perfect night.

36. A Lunch Box at Mumbai Rasoi

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Photo courtesy of @liztravers24 on Instagram

In Connecticut, it is difficult to find good Indian food that doesn’t break the bank. Thank the Lord that we found this Norwalk gem, Mumbai Rasoi. Dinner at this restaurant will give you all of your Indian favorites, but lunch is the real time to get some dank deals. You can order a “Lunch Box” starting at $6.95. For such a small price, you can get 2 curries, basmati rice, and Indian bread.

Sorry, we had to stop writing because we needed to drive down to Mumbai Rasoi to make it in time for lunch.

37. Hot Dogs at Super Duper Weenie

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Photo courtesy of @danielkrieger on Instagram

Super Duper Weenie may just serve the world’s best hot dog. This is what they do:

  1. Take one of their top of the line dogs, split it and grill it.
  2. Lay it on to one of their fresh baked roll.
  3. Slather it with one of their homemade relishes.
  4. Top it off with whatever the heck else you want.

If you are not drooling right now, I am pretty sure that you are not human.

38. Spicy Miso Ramen at Kawa Ni

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Photo courtesy of @kawaniwestport on Instagram

Bill Taibe’s newest restaurant (owner of The Whelk), Kawa Ni is modeled after an authentic Japanese izakaya, or Japanese pub. With this idea in mind, the restaurant specializes in lots of small plates to share. Some of the best dishes include the barbecue eel, the roasted beets, and the hamachi sashimi. Though of course, you can never go wrong with ramen, a dish that is nearly impossible to leave you unsatisfied.

39. Ice Cream at Ferris Acres Creamery

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Photo courtesy of @zzoefox on Instagram

It is pretty clear that dairy is best when it is literally fresh from the farm. You can actually look in the eyes of the cow who produced the milk. So just imagine how freaking fantastic Ferris Acres Creamery is, as the ice cream is made in the farm, by the Ferris’ themselves. You can sit and enjoy the homemade ice cream while watching cows and sheep calmly grazing the fields. What a day.

40. Chicken Mole at Ole Mole

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Photo courtesy of @ctfoodlovers on Instagram

Ole Mole has arguably the most authentic Mexican food in Fairfield County. This hole-in-the-wall restaurant is known for its savory mexican mole sauce, made from cocoa and spices. They also have chicken tortilla soup that competes with some of the best in Texas and tacos that are out of this world. The only way to make their chicken tacos even better is to top it off with their mole. Yum yum yum yum yum. Delicioso!

41. The Veggie Burger at The Lime Restaurant

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Photo courtesy of @younghighcarbvegan on Instagram

For three decades, The Lime has served the best vegetarian food in Fairfield County. Of course they have non-vegetarian options as well, making it easy to please your entire party. Everything you get is fresh and tangy and hand made. My personal favorite dish the veggie burger. Meat-eaters often cringe at the idea of a veggie burger. Well, The Lime is sure to change their mind with their burger made form bulghar-wheat, carrots, zucchini, sesame, and sunflower seeds, topped with their creamy house dressing. Just be careful, if you eat it too much, it might convert you to vegetarianism.

42. Sushi at Red Lotus

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Photo courtesy of @dapple22 on Instagram

Not only does Red Lotus offer up some of the most beautiful displays of food in the entire world (I mean, look at that picture above. It is a work of art), but they also aim to give customer the healthiest of Japanese cuisine. In addition to their spectacular sushi, they offer up fresh and colorful Asian fusion entrees including orange blossom salmon and miso Chilean sea bass. All the yum without the extra guilt.

43. Ice Cream at Dr. Mike’s

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Photo courtesy of @foodieinwonderland on Instagram

I know that it is ironic to to have an ice cream shop named after a doctor. We promise that the ice cream is not a ploy that parents made up to get you to go get a check up. The ice cream shop is named after a dentist who made the original recipes back in the 1970’s. Since then, Dr. Mike’s has ben making fresh ice cream daily, in-house. There are only six flavors available each day, but you can always rely on their deep dark Dutch chocolate flavor. Maybe even treat yourself to a sundae topped with homemade whipped cream. Let’s just pray that because this place has a doctor for a name, we don’t have to count the calories.

44. Lobster at Rowayton Seafood

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Photo courtesy of @zhangstah_eats on Instagram

If you want the freshest of the fresh seafood in the classic Connecticut fashion, Rowayton Seafood is the place for you. It is literally placed next door to the ocean and most of the food comes directly from that water source. Shuck some oysters, bury yourself in calamari, and most importantly, indulge in some lobster. Seriously. Whether you choose to have one of the best lobster rolls in the nation or order a Maine steam lobster, it will feel as if an angel came to your dinner table in the form of a red claw thing. And then you eat it, of course.

45. Anything and Everything at Pantanal

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Photo courtesy of @naturalbornfoodies on Instagram

If you have never had Brazilian food, there are three things you need to love: meat, meat, and meat. Pantanal cooks their beef, pork, lamb, and poultry on brick grills, which preserves the meat’s juices and natural flavor. The waiters then put walk around with these meats on a skewer and cut off a piece for anyone who wants it. You pay for your meal as a whole, which means that you can have unlimited meat and unlimited side dishes. We recommend going there for dinner and never ever leaving.

46. Pizza at Post Corner Pizza

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Photo courtesy of @girlswhocook_iedough on Instagram

For over 40 years, Post Corner Pizza has invented their own style of pizza. Picture a cheesy bubbly surface laid on a crispy bottom, surrounded by a crispy flavorful crust. That pie is then cut into squares rather than triangles and then eaten with nothing but pure bliss. Post Corner Pizza is an extremely popular destination for Darien High School students and the whole family alike. The great thing about square slices? You can eat 20 pieces and pretend that it’s not a shit ton because there is still more than half of a large pizza left. We learned this from experience.

47. Smoothie Bowl at The Granola Bar

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Photo courtesy of @thegranolabar on Instagram

The Granola Bar has no fryer and no stove top, allowing them to give customers food prepared in the healthiest way. The great thing about this place, though, is that everything is so spectacular, you would not even know that it is healthy. They have everything from your classic egg dishes, to salads and sandwiches, to our favorite: smoothie bowls. That’s right, you can get any of their 9 signature smoothies in a thicker, more fun, bowl form. Top it off with granola and fresh fruit and your day has been made.

48. Deep-Fried Hot Dog at Rawley’s Drive-In

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Photo courtesy of @spoon_hws on Instagram

Rawley’s was featured on Food Network’s Best Things I Ever Ate, so you know that is crazy good. Side note: it was one the “Totally Fried” episode so that automatically makes it extra crazy good. Everything at Rawley’s is made to order with fresh ingredients. Their specialty? The deep-fried hot dog with the works. They stick their hot dog in a deep fryer, grill it, then top it off with mustard, relish, kraut, and bacon. This seriously may very well be one of the best things you will ever eat.

49. Matzo Ball Soup at Rye Ridge Deli

fairfield county

Photo courtesy @carobaker1 on Instagram

Missing your Jewish grandmother? Go to Rye Ridge Deli. This kosher style deli will put a smile on anyone’s face. The menu is packed with all of the jewish favorites: knishes, blintzes, latkes, pastrami sandwiches, and best of all, matzo ball soup. If you are feeling at all ill, Jewish or not, Passover or not, this soup will cure you. Visiting Rye Ridge deli is not only the place to find a great lunch, but it is also the place to find a nice Jewish boy.

50. Pie at Michele’s Pies

fairfield county

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Michele’s Pies are made by hand and with love. The pie menu is changed seasonally to give you the freshest of flavors. No matter what pie you choose, one bite will transport you to magical mystical pie land, the greatest land in the universe. Trust us, just the thought of their chocolate bourbon pecan pie follows us around in the best way possible.