Let me take a wild guess – you're sick of Lau. Who can blame you? It's like a dungeon in there. There are hardly any windows, the chairs are not even comfy, and the only thing that makes it worthwhile is Midnight Mug. So, it's time for you to venture out and study in a world sans Lau.

Below is a list of cool cafés and eateries around Georgetown that are convenient, spacious, and most importantly, affordable (because we're all #broke) that you can get some serious studying in. Sayonara, Lau.

1. Simit + Smith on Wisconsin Ave

coffee, bread
Brittany Arnett

Within walking distance from the front gates, Simit + Smith is a brand new Turkish bakery that specializes in simit rolls, which are basically flattened sesame bagels. They also have tons of other delicious options, like salads, sandwiches, dessert, and pizza that are all cheap. The space upstairs is well-light and quiet too – grab that Turkish coffee and get working. 

Hours: M-Thurs 7AM-8PM; Fri-Sat 7AM-9PM; Sun 8AM-8PM

2. District Doughnut in Cady's Alley

doughnut, sweet, pastry, chocolate, candy, cake, sprinkles
Brittany Arnett

The toughest part about studying here is not eating every single doughnut it has to offer. But hey, you are studying, so your brain will need a little carb-power. Grab a coffee and a brown butter doughnut.

Hours: Mon-Fri 8AM-3PM; Sat&Sun 9AM-5PM

3. Blue Bottle Coffee on Potomac St

All I have to say is: oh my lord. The coffee here is unbelievable. Hands-down the best Americanos I have ever had. Plus the open-air feel, wide wooden tables, and plethora of snacks (and avocado toast...people forget) make it the perfect spot. (Disclaimer: there are no outlets and no free wifi, so come fully charged & with a hot-spot).

Hours: 7AM-7PM Daily

4. Dolcezza on Wisconsin Ave

An open space with large windows, Dolcezza is the perfect place for you to study. It's coffee is fantastic, and it's hours are long enough for you to stay and stick out that paper. To top it all off, it serves lots of gelato. You can even get your gelato with a shot of espresso.

Hours: M-Thurs 7AM-10PM; Fri 7AM-11PM; Sat 8AM-11PM; Sun 8AM-10PM

5. Grace St Coffee/South Block/Sundevich on Grace St

This location is the trifecta. Want coffee? Grace St has you covered. Something healthy? South Block's açai bowls and smoothies are perfect. Something hearty? Sundevich's sandwiches are sure to keep you satisfied. Plus there is tons of space to sit and study. You can basically cover all three meals, with snacks in between, in one place.

Hours: M-Thurs 7AM-8PM; Fri 8AM-8PM; Sat 9AM-8PM; Sun 9AM-6PM (Hours vary by eatery)

6. Sweetgreen on Wisconsin Ave

salad, arugula, watercress, vegetable, spinach, tomato, cherry
Brittany Arnett

The new sweetgreen on Wisconsin Ave is massive – just big enough to avoid all the girls coming back from Soul Cycle. This location has a spacious upstairs seating area that allows you to isolate and really get work done. Plus, it's sweetgreen, so you know everything is delicious.

Hours: 10:30AM-10PM Daily

7. Emissary in Dupont

Two words: Free. Wifi. This place was meant to do work in, plus it's just far away enough that you can avoid people from campus, but close enough that you could walk (if you wanted). Oh, and they serve cocktails, if you're studying takes a different turn. 

Hours: Mon-Wed 7AM-10PM; Thurs 7AM-10:30PM; Fri 7AM-11:30PM; Sat 7:30AM-11PM; Sun 8AM-7PM

8. A Baked Joint on K St

platter, tea
Brittany Arnett

A little ways away, A Baked Joint holds a cool, open space that makes you feel as if you've left DC and instead traveled somewhere sort-of-hipster (i.e., Brooklyn). The sister restaurant to Baked & Wired, they served delicious food on delicious bread, coffee, and of course, decadent desserts. If you're looking to escape Georgetown, definitely take the Uber here.

Hours: M 7AM-8PM; T 7AM-9PM; W 7AM-6PM; Thurs Closed; Sat & Sun 8AM-8PM

9. Chaia on Grace St

Brittany Arnett

Chaia's upstairs space is quiet and cozy, making it the perfect place to buckle down and study. And its veggie tacos? So flavorful you forget there's no meat in them. Be sure to go over on weekends too, when you can add an egg to your veggies.

Hours: M-Fri 11AM-9PM; Sat&Sun 10AM-9PM

10. Compass Coffee, Multiple Locations

Really good coffee – what else do you need when you're studying? Head over to a Compass Coffee location to escape Georgetown's campus, drink a good 'ole cup of joe, and even grab a baked item to sweeten the whole ordeal. 

Hours: M-Sun 6AM-8PM (8th St Location)

M-Sun 6AM-9PM (F St Location)

M-Sun 5:30AM-8PM (Eye St Location)

11. Le Pain Quotidien on M St

avocado, pesto, salad, salmon
Brittany Arnett

A rustic and cozy French café that's just far enough on M St that you can walk to without seeing tons of Georgetown students in. It serves anything you can think of, and gives you slices of homemade bread with each item you order. Use it for the jams and chocolate spreads on each table, you won't be sorry.

Hours: M-Fri 7AM-8PM; Sat&Sun 8AM-8PM

12. Bluestone Lane Cafe on 23rd St

PSA: there's a new kid in town, fresh from New York City (surprised?). This Australian-esque cafe serves the goods, like great coffee, delicious eggs, and avocado toast. Better yet, it's right next to the West End Library so you can brunch & study, all in one go.

Hours: 7:30AM-6PM Daily

13. Slipstream on 14th St

If you really want to grab a great bite to eat while you study, Slipstream is your place. It boasts a hearty menu including soups, bowls, toasts, sandwiches, and salads, and also serves pastries and coffee. They even serve cocktails if you wanted to get a little buzz on before your midterm (not recommended, though).

Hours: M-Thurs 7AM-10PM; Fri 7AM-11:30PM; Sat 8AM-11:30PM; Sun 8AM-8PM

14. Dog Tag Bakery on Grace St

Pastries, sandwiches, frittatas, breads, cakes, and coffee can all accompany you while you study in Dog Tag's homey space. Just a quick walk over from Georgetown and you've found your new favorite study spot. 

Hours: M-Fri 7AM-6PM; Sat & Sun 8AM-6PM

15. First Bake At Farmers Fishers Bakers on K St

egg, toast, bread
Brittany Arnett

Need a reason to get out of bed to study? First Bake's just that. Really delicious breakfast at insanely cheap prices – oh, and unlimited refills on coffee. Start your day off right productive and satisfied.

Hours: M-Fri 7AM-11AM

16. Fruitive in City Center DC

rice, avocado
Brittany Arnett

Although it doesn't have too many seating options (unless it's warm outside and you can sit on the patio), Fruitive sure does have great healthy food and a great atmosphere. Definitely try to make a stop here for a bite to eat and dedicated time to do some work.

Hours: M-Fri 7AM-8PM; Sat 10AM-6PM; Sun 11AM-5PM

17. Postmodern Foods on M St

If you're on a health kick, Postmodern's your place to study. Although the location is on the smaller side, it's far enough down M St that it won't be crowded or loud, and serves health foods like cold-pressed juices, smoothies, salads, and "guilt-free" desserts. It looks too small at first glance, but walk towards the back and you'll notice a room with tables.

Hours: Thurs-T 11AM-6PM; W 11AM-4PM

There you have it: eleven great study spots for you to get some work done but escape Georgetown's hectic campus. Relax, rewind, eat some really great food, and most importantly, drink some really good coffee.