Soul Cycle is hands down the most fun workout you will get, from the instructor's infectious high energy to the great music. The energy and vibe inside of a Soul Cycle studio can lead you to feel high on motivation, happiness and satisfaction. The best way to take full advantage of your workout is to follow it up with a healthy meal that will help you recover but also keep the calories you burnt away.

As SC fanatics, we have decided to bring you our favorite healthy options after a Soul Cycle class to make you feel like a true rockstar. 


Whether it's a coincidence or not, every Soul Cycle studio has a Sweetgreen situated in a 2-3 block radius. Sweetgreen serves simple salads and grain bowls but also has a great seasonal menu to fit your weather-related mood. Being the epitome of healthy eating, Soul Cycle and Sweetgreen have collaborated in the past to bring their riders the healthiest possible workout experience. 

Cava Grill

I usually like to call Cava, the "Mediterranean chipotle." It finds a way to speak to my Mediterranean roots on an emotional level and is very comforting while being healthy after a workout. The tricky part about Cava is that it's up to you to make it or break it by what you put into your bowl. Unfortunately, the only SC studio that has a Cava close by is the Mount Vernon studio unless you're willing to commute (which is btw totally worth it).

Taylor Gourmet

The perfect spot for a quick healthy bite. Taylor Gourmet's freshness is hard to top, from their homemade drinks to their sandwiches and salads. A great place for your rushing back home but lazy to cook evenings. Taylor Gourmet can be found next to the 14th Street and Mount Vernon studios.

Peacock Cafe

Why would you ever have to sacrifice brunch for a workout or vice versa? That's why on weekends, we decide to ride in the Georgetown studio just so we can cross the street and find ourselves at our favorite brunch places.

And, of course, not all good brunch places are healthy, but I guess this is why we have Peacock cafe. This cozy place is a couple of blocks from the GTWN studio and is the epitome of healthy yummy brunch (we didn't know it existed either). Their banoccino (banana and coffee) smoothie and their salmon poached eggs are at the top of our fave list. 

#SpoonTip: Disregard the fries in the picture and choose asparagus instead.

Remember that no matter where you end up going for your meal, it is what you choose from the menu that will help you take full advantage of your workout or not. Keep in mind that all nutrients (protein, carbs, vegetables) should be included in your meal to help with your recovery as well. Clean eating after working out is just as important as the workout itself!