For all the Stags returning to campus after Easter Break, a pretty big surprise was in store as far as the landscape of the university grounds: the Barone Dining Tent. To compensate for construction on our main dining hall, university admins created a tent for students on the meal plan outside the BCC, and its students certainly have feelings about it.

Some people welcome the change, and others would rather blow all their dining dollars at the Stag. It's safe to say that the Barone Dining Tent is a divisive topic. Another divisive fixture in our culture is the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

For every person who can't stand these SoCal socialites, there's another who waits eagerly for every pic Kim K. posts on Instagram. So, it only makes sense to compare Fairf's newest fixture to the Kardashian fam. Here's 13 times the Kardashians described your relationship with the Barone Dining Tent.

1. When you walk in with friends, but only one buffet line is open

The first few days of the Barone Dining Tent had severely slim pickings. Hope y'all like slightly pink chicken and romaine lettuce. Because that's all they had.

2. When all the food not on the hot bar is prepackaged

Even the bagels come in little plastic bags. Sure, maybe it keeps the food fresh longer, but something about opening a plastic bag for breakfast screams "gas station" more than "dining hall."

3. When everyone decides to go to the Stag without you instead

"K, that's cool, I'll just sit by the door so no one sees me eating alone. This is fine. Everything is fine." While all your friends are getting chicken fingers and teriyaki bowls at the Stag, you get a big heaping of abandonment. Tasty.

4. When you sit with that one person who complains about how unhealthy the options are

Okay, full disclosure, this person is usually me. But even I have to cut back on this in the Barone Dining Tent. When all your food is made in a trailer, you can't be too picky about getting your leafy greens.

5. When the coffee manages to somehow be both burnt and weak

Anyone who talks to me, even if only for five minutes, knows I'm crazy about coffee. And the Barone Dining Tent coffee is very upsetting. I was struggling to stay awake after going to sleep at 2 a.m., and I actually had to throw away the coffee I was trying to drink. I'd rather take a nap than suffer through coffee that was giving me a stomachache, thanks.

6. When the Colony truck shows up

Tuesdays at the Barone Dining Tent got a little brighter. To supplement the food in the tent itself, and once a week, Fairfield's fave pizza joint is rolling up and handing out delicious slices of their classic thin crust. #blessed

7. ...But you don't time the line right and they run out of 'za 

True life: this happened to me last week and it was heartbreaking. Colony is super popular, so the food truck ran out of slices before 6:00. Word to the wise, be there early, or risk losing out on cheesy goodness. Hold out for Taco Loco?

8. When you see Liz and Eduardo

Every situation has a silver lining, and in the case of the Barone Dining Tent, the silver lining is definitely the staff. Staff at Barone have always been a fan favorite of the building, and I can't think of a single time a "Thanks for coming!" from Eduardo or a "Hi, my love!" from Liz hasn't made my day.

9. When the sandwich and salad area has Doritos

At the end of each day at the Barone Dining Tent, there are always sandwiches and salads left over, but rarely are there any chips left in the baskets. If you're lucky, you can probably scrounge up a bag of Doritos. Just make sure they're the Nacho Cheese flavor—ranch is overrated anyway.

10. When the person in front of you at the ice cream takes the last chipwich

Is there any frozen dessert better than a chipwich? Here's a hint: no. You're getting two chocolate chip cookies and a scoop of ice cream in one package, so it's basically three for the price of one. So, when someone takes the last one, it feels personal. Just take deep breaths and keep your cool.

11. When your mom harasses you about where all your dining dollars have gone

Remember the days when you could stretch a hundred dining dollars throughout an entire semester? Me neither. Some days, you're just not feeling basic Barone fare, so you supplement with sushi, salads, and Ben and Jerry's pints. You try to explain when you get an angry call from Mom, but she just doesn't get the struggle.

12. When you make it out of the tent with a bunch of stolen goods

While those prepackaged foods mentioned before aren't great when you want a hot meal, they're perfect for snagging before hiding out in the library for hours on end. Whether it's a sandwich, or an armful of cookies, or a whole case of Diet Coke, you def feel a bit stealthier if you can make it out of the tent with your prize undetected.

13. When you can't get over there until after 8:00

So you've been in the library all night and you're starving. You rush over to the Barone Dining Tent...only to realize it's closed. With the new facility, hours at Barone are getting a lot shorter through the end of the semester. Hope you still have some ramen left.

All in all, the students of Fairfield know that the Barone Dining Tent is a necessary evil on the way to getting our new and improved Tully Center, but for the time being, the Herd might be a little hungrier....