If you’re like me, studying seems to burn through more calories than any incline on the treadmill. So, naturally, to motivate myself to keep studying, I turn to food that I don’t have to make. Since it can be harsh on the wallet to order full-price delivery on a regular basis, take advantage of these deals to fuel your next midterm study session.

1. CiSaves 
Central Illinois Savings has really awesome daily deals for some of the best restaurants on campus. Sometimes, if a deal is popular, it’ll run for more than a day! Daily deals get you a minimum of 50% off at places like Siam Terrace, Oishi Hibachi Steakhouse, El Toro and Smoky’s House BBQ.

2.  ShopRunner
Sign up for a free account with ShopRunner and get free Domino’s delivery (you’re welcome 2AM calorie bingers). Wingin’ Out also has free delivery, but try to save that for those late nights at Lion, not the library.

3. Niro’s Gyros
Niro’s Gyros is selling two burgers, fries and a drink for $4.99 (!!!) when you order by phone or online. The minimum delivery amount is $12.00, so you may want to order with a few study buddies. But if you are feeling ambitious, order $12.00 of food for yourself! Don’t worry, we don’t judge.

3. D.P. Dough
D.P. Dough is almost its own entity on this list. On Tuesdays, EatCU offers a “Buy Two Calzones, Get the Third for a Dollar” special, but you can also visit the D.P. Dough website and make an account to get 15% off your next order. Pro tip: request the spicy or garlic crust.

4. KantWait
In the mood for some classic pizza rolls? Good news: KantWait delivers these and all of your grocery needs straight from Walmart. This is the perfect company to take advantage when you are stuck in the library and don’t have time to go grocery shopping!