Picture this – you're at the campus 7/11, your stomach is grumbling, dollar bills are bulging out of your wallet, and you have an overwhelming chip craving. You toy with the idea of getting a family size bag of Lay's, but you miraculously show some self-restraint and hone in on the snack size packs. Now what? 

Michigan Spoon has got you covered. You may have sacrificed that 10-serving bag, but you are going to get the most out of your snack size choice. We counted all of your favorite chip brands, so that your two dollars will buy you as many chips as possible. So, behold, a counting and a ranking of snack packs, based off of the number of chips in each bag.

*Disclaimer* Sadly, chips break and crumble, so these numbers are our best estimates, and not every chip bag is created equally. Numbers will probably vary with each purchase of the bags.

13. Doritos Nacho Cheese (1 oz bag) = 10 chips 

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Max Lederman

Yes, a sad ten chips. Granted this is a 1 oz bag, but has anyone ever been satisfied with a mere ten chips? That ain't right.  

12. Doritos Cool Ranch (1 oz bag) = 15 chips

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Max Lederman

If Doritos are your chip of choice, you can score a whole five chips more by choosing the Cool Ranch version. I think we all know the right decision here. 

11. Sun Chips Harvest Cheddar (1.5 oz bag) = 16 chips

Max Lederman

They're spreading their wings, it's their chance to shine, they're discovering so much more to life, it's Sun Chip 16! 

10. Lay's Oven Baked Original (1.125 oz bag) = 20 chips 

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Max Lederman

Twitter poll: Who else prefers baked Lay's to the original? 

9. Special K Cheddar (.87 oz bag) = 20 chips 

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Max Lederman

Okay, so, technically, these are more like crackers, but serve up these 20 chips with a nice laughing cow cheese wedge, and I'd say you have yourself an on-the-go cheese platter.  

8. Stacy's Pita Chips Simply Naked (3 oz) = 29 chips

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Max Lederman

Can't decide if it's a good thing that there are only 29 chips, so you don't continuously eat these delicious pitas, or if it's bad that it's only 29 Stacy's chips.

7. Tyrrell's Lightly Sea Salted (1.4 oz) = 33 chips

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Max Lederman

Fun fact: All of that sad, empty space inside of your chip bags is actually Nitrogen. It keeps your chips crisp, fresh, and less likely to crack in the shipping and handling process. 

6. Ruffles Cheddar & Sour Cream (2.5 oz) = 48 chips

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Max Lederman

I'm not sure if you noticed that huge jump in numbers, but we are starting to get into the big players here. Those 48 Ruffles chips definitely give you a good bang for your buck. 

5. Jimmy Chips Original (2.125 oz) = 54 chips

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Max Lederman

Yep, Jimmy John's gives you a whole 54 chips. Though I approve of this number, just promise you won't get too full and forget your chocolate chunk cookie.  

4. Better Made Salt & Vinegar (2 oz) = 57 chips

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Max Lederman

Better Made is actually a Detroit-based company, and although these chips are mostly sold in Michigan, you can still find them in multiple cities scattered around the Midwest. If you love salt and vinegar chips as much as I do, do as the British do, and splash some malt vinegar on your fries (aka chips). You can thank me later. 

3. Lay's Kettle Cooked Jalapeño (1.5 oz) = 63 chips

Max Lederman

This flavor is for sure a crowd favorite, and with 63 chips, I'm pretty sure this snack bag can keep the crowd satisfied. 

2. Lay's Sweet Southern Heat Barbecue (2.875 oz) = 71 chips 

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Max Lederman

For everyone really missing those warm summer barbecues during this frigid winter, give these a try. Or, maybe make one of these recipes to remind you of what bbq season is all about.

1. Better Made Original (2oz) = 80 chips 

Max Lederman

The OG chips. Of course Better Made Original deserves the number one spot in this ranking. Better tasting flavors, better filled packages, and all around better made chips. (Sorry to all of my coastal peeps, the Midwest is finally doing something the best, and it starts with ch and ends with ips.) 

So, there you have it. Go forth, and choose wisely. Now you have no excuse to freak out next time your Dorito chip bag is 99% empty when you pop it open because, let's face it, you knew this was coming.