Let’s face it, no one wants to eat at Barone for every meal, every single day. Are you looking for more food options on campus? What does one do when they are craving a satisfying meal, but can’t afford Taco Loco or Wild Rice seven times a week? Check out some of our favorite meals at the Stag that won’t break your budget!

1. Grilled Cheese and Waffle Fries


The Stag uses thick texas toast to make their grilled cheese which is an extra touch. Plus, who doesn’t love waffle fries? This meal will sure to have you feeling like a kid again and definitely fill you up.


2. Teriyaki Bowl


For the nights that you are craving chicken teriyaki and fried rice; a teriyaki bowl will more than suffice. The good thing about the teriyaki bowl is that it is big enough to fill the average guy up, and perfect for a girl to eat and take home her leftovers. I am a big fan of the bowl, with extra spicy mayo on the side of course!


3. Salad Bar


The salad bar surprisingly has a wide variety of topping choices, which allows you to personalize your salad anyway you chose. You can make your salad yourself and not feel like you are being judged for asking for extra croutons. It’s no grilled cheese and waffle fries; but it is the healthier choice. The salad bar is perfect for the days you skip the gym but still want to seem “healthy.”


4. Buffalo Chicken Sandwich


We are all secretly buffalo chicken enthusiasts. I have not met someone yet that does not like the buffalo chicken sandwich from the Stag. The sandwich is not super spicy but definitely has a kick to it. Be sure to add cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomato. Disclaimer, bacon also goes really well on the sandwich.


5. Cheese Pizza Flatbread


When you can’t afford a perfect Italian style, thin crust pizza from Molto Pizzeria in town; the cheese pizza flatbread is the way to go. This meal is another one of those that is almost impossible to screw up so it’s not a bad choice for an on campus meal. I’m pretty sure I can eat pizza almost everyday of my life without getting sick of it, and sometimes when you’re trying to not starve on campus, that is exactly what you have to do.