A Dining Dollar makes us all holler, and it seems only acting legend Leonardo DiCaprio can capture the emotional roller coaster that is the Dining saga. Sit back, relax, and enjoy his stunningly accurate performance of your experience. You’ll hang onto your Dollars tighter than Leo cuddles his Oscar at night.

Unexpectedly having dining roll over from last semester


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Guess holding off on multiple Starbucks trips a day last semester paid off.

Balling out at the beginning of the semester because you’re in the triple digits


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$275+ balance and now you’re fresher than the rest.

Treating your friends to coffee like the saint you are


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It’s so easy to be generous when you’re not broke.

Watching your balance sink to single digits…


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The look you and the Starbucks cashier exchange says it all. They know. You know. Dining is no longer a game.

…and finally running out. 


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And now you have to break out actual money for that large Coolatta you just ordered.

Begging your friends to spot you


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Now you’re stuck hoping the homies will come through in your time of need.

Bitterly walking past Chick-fil-A 


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The injustice.

Low key daydreaming about Dunkin in class


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Professors gonna have to deal if you’re distracted.

Losing all hope of survival as the semester winds down


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You’re finding it difficult to go on. Might as well starve.

Until finally, a new semester begins, and you’re back on top.


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Cheers to you, old sport. You made it. Who wants Starbucks?