This time has been difficult for many reasons. Social distancing can make you feel isolated and you may even feel like a Birthday isn't worth celebrating. Doing something that feels normal might be the trick to get you out of your quarantine funk. Every year on this planet is worth celebrating, so whether it's your birthday or the birthday of someone you love, it should be recognized. Social distancing doesn't mean that your birthday is cancelled. Here are some ways to celebrate a birthday in quarantine.

Have a Picnic

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Depending on where you live, the weather might be taking a turn for the better. This is the perfect time to get outside with your family. Order takeout from your favorite spot or make your own spread of food. Pack some refreshing drinks and a sturdy blanket and head outside. This could be any open space, pond, or trail. Find a sunny spot and spend the afternoon in the outdoors. Just because you can't go anywhere, doesn't mean you can't enjoy your birthday outside of the house.

Have a neighborhood-wide celebration (six feet apart)

Last week my neighbor turned five years old. After talking to his mom about how disappointed he was that he couldn't have a birthday party, she asked all of our neighbors to stand in our driveways and sing Happy Birthday to him. He was so surprised when he came outside to see the whole neighborhood. No matter what age you are, this would make anyone feel special. Even though we can't be close to our neighbors, we can still be close enough to talk and gather as a community.

Organize a Drive-By

Get in touch with the birthday boy or girl's friends and ask them to come by the house around the same time. Each friend can drive by the house with a sign, playing music, shouting funny sayings, basically whatever they want. This will make them feel so loved, even in times when we can't see our friends regularly.

Set up a Rotating Bar/Restaurant Crawl

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This is perfect for anyone turning 21 or anyone who loves to bar hop. Transform different rooms of your house into the your favorite spots. Start in the family room with salsa and guac, modeling your favorite Mexican restaurant. Head over to your living room where you'll serve Pina Coladas from your favorite beach bar. Walk over to the dining room and serve your favorite meal, either home made or ordered to-go from your favorite spot. Then head to the porch to serve after-dinner cocktails from your favorite place for a night cap. This can be personalized to anyone and can include alcoholic or non-alcoholic options.

Host a Zoom Party

If your friends live far away or aren't able to physically come by your house, organize a Zoom party. This can be a surprise or organized by the birthday boy or girl themselves. If you're over 21, turn it into a zoom happy hour. There are plenty of virtual games, drinking and non-drinking, that can be played over Zoom. After a few minutes, you'll forget that you're on Zoom because of the great time you're having.

Design an At-Home Theater

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If you're a movie buff, set up a movie theater in you own home. Find a comfy spot, close the blinds, and cover the windows to ensure you have complete darkness. Hang twinkly lights around the floor or couch to mimic a theater. Prepare a popcorn making station complete with popcorn, candy, seasonings and more. If you're really feeling crazy, try to make homemade slushies, just like they have at the theater. Once you're all set up, pick an old favorite, a new movie, or heck, have a movie marathon!

Set up a Scavenger Hunt 

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Since we can basically only shop online for gifts this year, options may be limited. If you're looking to spice up the gift giving process, organize a scavenger hunt. Craft creative clues for each gift. Once they find the first gift, the each clue will lead them to the next present. Make it even more fun by creating clues that are about the birthday girl or boy. Scavenger hunts aren't just for little kids. Anyone at any age can participate in a scavenger hunt.

Although a birthday in quarantine isn't ideal, there are so many ways to make the day special. Whether it's your birthday or the birthday of someone you love, try one of the ideas above to celebrate and make this year one to remember.