Avocados have a cult following. I may or may not hold a high ranking position in this cult and I’m proud of it. While you can incorporate avocados into countless dishes, the most popular way to consume your avos is undoubtedly in guac form. I’m not alone in my worship, and whether you’re paying extra for your supply at Chipotle or whipping up a batch yourself, there are few people who can deny the green monster’s power.

Traditionally, guacamole is made simply of mashed avocado, lime and salt and maybe some cilantro. Sometimes you’ll find it spiced up with lump crab meat or some major chillies for heat, but at its core, guacamole is an exercise in simplicity. Until now. I like guacamole too much to eat the same version all the time, so I devised a few wintery ways to spice things up. Here’s four ways to rock your guac.

1. Pomegranate Seeds

A handful of precious pom seeds goes a long way. Getting a tart burst mid bite adds an element of juicy surprise that brightens the flavor of the guac. It’s also really pretty which is always a plus.

Photo by Amanda Shulman

2. Roasted Vegetables + Hazelnuts

This is a guacamole that is more than acceptable to eat with a spoon. Roasted vegetables (I did cauliflower and butternut squash) add hearty texture and make the dip feel substantial enough to be a meal. Toasted hazelnuts make for a crunchy finish for extra points.

Photo by Amanda Shulman

3. Guanciale + Pecorino

Guanciale is Italian for pork jowl, which is likened to a chewier bacon. If you can’t get your hands on it, use bacon or pancetta instead. This is guac with some major Italian influence. The chewy nubs of guanciale make for a welcome addition, and since when does a shower of cheese not mean deliciousness?

Photo by Amanda Shulman

4. Heat

Make your guac hot —literally make it on fire. Add chili flakes or fresh chillies or go bananas and add both. If you’re feeling adventurous, try adding pickled jalapeños for a little vinegary kick.

Photo by Amanda Shulman