Rolled, quick, steel cut, instant, or overnight oats....we ain't got no type. Oatmeal is the only sh*t that we like. Safe to say the possibilities with oatmeal are endless. That's why you should never get stuck in routine with your oatmeal. So help me help you in freeing you from your oatmeal breakfast ritual feeling like a 9-5 routine. 

1.Coffee Instead of Water/Milk

cappuccino, espresso, coffee
Kelsey Emery

Start every morning off with a cup of coffee? Make your life a little easier because mornings are already tough enough. Use coffee as your liquid of choice for oatmeal. Let's face it... when we all graduate, we have 3 people to thank. Our parents, the creator of Google, and the real MVP... CAFFEINE. 

2. Protein Powder

cream, coffee, dairy product, sweet, milk
Kelli Haugh

If you're like me and have the appetite of a hibernating bear emerging from months of sleep eager to eat for this first time...the standard serving size of oatmeal just isn't enough. The answer is simple. Add a scoop of your protein powder of choice. This will ensure that your oatmeal will actually make you full and keep you that way longer. Because lets be one is proud of who they are when they're hungry.

3. Egg Whites

egg yolk, chicken, egg
Jocelyn Hsu

Sure egg whites are great on your favorite breakfast sandwich or help to make the perfect omelette. But in oatmeal? Trust me. Simply separate the whites from the yolk and add to your oatmeal then pour in your liquid and cook in the microwave. Never neglect protein from your diet...that's right. GAINS.

4.  Zucchini

brown bread, chocolate, wheat, cookie, pastry, cake, sweet, bread
Carl Pieri

Turn your oats to "Zoats" with the addition of this trendy vegetable. Love zucchini bread? Well this is a healthier version of it that is just as tasty. The best part is...zucchini is ridiculously low in calories but adds volume to your oats thus making your bowl of happiness that much bigger. The key is to shred the zucchini and then cook them until soft. This will make eating your veggies that much easier.

5.  Pudding Mix

Simply shred some carrots and add them to your oatmeal. Try adding a spoonful of vanilla yogurt on top as well (totally tastes like the cream cheese frosting that goes on top of carrot cake). Think veggies don't belong in sweet foods? I don't carrot at all.

Hydrate Powdered Peanut Butter

cream, chocolate, milk, coffee, sweet, dairy product
Maddie Lanier

The thicker the oatmeal the better. That's why its no exaggeration when this hack is life changing. Add 1 tbsp of the pudding mix of your choice to your oatmeal. It will not only thicken up your oatmeal but will give it fun new flavor variations. There's the basics like vanilla and chocolate that you can't go wrong with. But if you're feeling adventurous there's cheesecake, banana, pistachio, butterscotch, and cookies n' cream. Be naughty and make your breakfast taste like dessert to make your mornings just that much sweeter.

pasture, carrot, vegetable
Jenny Georgieva

6. Carrot Cake is the most underrated type of cake. Plus it has carrots in it which means its healthy right? Carrots are a sweet vegetable and that is why its a great addition to your oatmeal. It gives it a natural sweetness and makes them taste like carrot cake. Simply shred the carrots and add them to your oatmeal. Here's a little pro tip...add a spoonful of vanilla yogurt on top. Tastes like the cream cheese frosting that goes on top of carrot cake. Think veggies don't belong in sweet foods? Yeah...well I don't carrot at all. Its simply amazing and you've gotta try it.

chocolate, butter, peanut, peanut butter
Jocelyn Hsu

Powdered peanut butter is the hottest new trend that makes you put down that spoonful of peanut butter before the regret can even hit. When it comes to a jar full of luscious peanut butter...I have no self control. The solution...powdered peanut butter. All the taste of this nutty product without all the calories. The regular serving size for peanut butter stands at about 190 calories for 2 tablespoons while this product only contains 50 calories and just as much protein. Its a great addition to your morning oatmeal. Don't skip out on the sweet and savory flavor of our nation's favorite condiment. Peanut butter? More like peanut better.

Not a breakfast person? Well after these game changing oatmeal hacks it will now be your favorite meal of the day. Skip class, not breakfast. JUST kidding... you should go to class but make it a little more bearable by bringing these irresistible breakfast oats. Because your classes should be boring...not your oatmeal.