Bananas are among some of the easiest fruits to eat, and they also happen to be pretty darn good for you. Some people are even starting to eat the peel itself, which has its own set of benefits. But in case you want to enjoy that perfectly ripe banana that’s without making it look overly awkward and sexual, these recipes should do just the trick. Don’t let those ripened bananas go to waste.

1. Chocolate Chip Banana Bread


Photo by Becky Hughes

The most common way to use up ripe bananas is to mash it into a bread, but you’ve never had banana bread like this before. It’s gluten-free and has no processed sugars, so if you’re into that, this is for you. If not, it’s still a pretty delicious recipe (and it has chocolate, fam).

2. Banana Snickerdoodles


Photo by Emma Delaney

Don’t settle for your regular snickerdoodles – the cinnamon in this cookie recipe compliments the subtle sweetness of the bananas, making a cookie you could very well enjoy for breakfast.

3. Banana Coffee Chip Breakfast Cookies


Photo by Zoe Holland

Keeping with the breakfast theme, these cookies have a touch of ground coffee, kicking up your energy while the oats and almond butter keep you full.

4. Banana Cream Pie


Photo by Jocelyn Hsu

Layers on layers on layers of sliced bananas, all tied together with a custard-like filling that makes the entire pie taste like banana pudding. Interested? Try it out.

5. Spiced Banana Pear Muffins


Photo by Kayla Pichichero

All your favorite fall spices in one spectacular muffin. These cuties get their sweetness from coconut sugar and the fruits themselves, so you won’t have a massive sugar load that’ll have you bouncing off of walls uncontrollably.

6. Baked Banana S’mores


Photo by Gabby Phi

You heard me. These banana s’mores are practically a sweet version of lasagna, and it tastes just as good as it sounds. No campfire needed.

7. Baked Banana Chips


Photo by Audrey Mirabito

Only two ingredients, and these don’t have all that added sugar that are found in store-bought chips. Try dipping them in peanut butter or dessert hummus for a quick yet filling snack.

8. Banana Bread Cinnamon Rolls


Photo by Maddie Cole

While it may take a little extra time to get these hot buns ready to eat, the end result is so worth it. Sliced bananas and chopped pecans are nestled inside each roll, adding a sweet crunch to each bite.

9. Healthy Banana Split


Photo by Clarisse Callahan

Peanut butter and banana, we meet again. With greek yogurt in the center and tons of berries on top, you may have just found your new go-to dessert.

10. Nutella Banana Sushi


Photo by Madeline Leadem

Now this is a dessert hybrid that I can go along with. They’re wrapped in crêpes, which you can totally make at home, but if you’re not feeling up to the challenge yet, you can always use store-bought crepes. Either way, you’ll have a roll that’ll rival your favorite Spicy Tuna.

11. Gluten-free Peanut Butter Banana Muffins


Photo by Sara Mickow

Each of these muffin bites pack some protein, letting you jumpstart your day on a high note. Plus, you can make them in a blender. Easy AF, that’s what’s up.

12. Banana Hummus


Photo by Sarah Strong

Trust us, even though it sounds a little unsettling at first, we know what we’re doing. It’s addicting enough to eat it straight from the bowl, but it tastes just as good when you dip it with some cinnamon sugar pita chips.

13. Banana Split Truffles


Photo by Alex Frank

Now you can take the flavor of an entire banana split in these mini, bite-sized truffles, which are perfect for enjoying the throwback dessert on-the-go. Be careful when you eat it though, cause some people may ask you to share – and we know how you feel about that.

14. Mini Vegan Banana Popsicles


Photo by Kristine Mahan

No need to buy those popsicles loaded with artificial ingredients and added sugars at the supermarket – these banana pops are perhaps the healthiest popsicles you’ll ever have. They’re even topped with bee pollen and goji berries, for the inner superfoodie inside you.

15. Banana Ice Cream


Photo by Katherine Carroll

Too cheap to buy ice cream? Make this frozen banana ice cream instead, which only has two ingredients and can easily be done in a blender. Top the finished product with crumbled Reese’s or Heath Bars to add a nutty flavor to the mix.