What I would do for another delicious bar of chocolatey goodness from Australia...you don't even want to know.  After spending last semester in Australia and having my fair share of Tim Tam's, I brought home so many value packs for all of my family and friends that my mom was just about ready to kill me. Thankfully, after downing these bad boys within about a week of being home, I quickly discovered that Australia's favorite treat is coming to America!

So, what is a Tim Tam? If you've never had one, you're definitely missing out, but if you have then you know the true deliciousness. Chocolate buttercream sandwiched between flakey chocolate cookies all covered in chocolate. My mouth is already drooling.

As of January, you can now get Tim Tams at Walmart, Target, and many other grocery stores all over the United States.  And even better are the many flavors they come in: chewy caramel, dark mint, mango, and so many more.  Find your nearest Tim Tam supplier here.

If you really want to embrace your inner Aussie, try this Tim Tam slam. Just bite off two diagonal corners and use the Tim Tam as a straw with milk, hot chocolate, or coffee.  Once you're done with the drink, devour the now soggy Tim Tam to experience a small piece of heaven.

From cupcakes to cakes to milkshakes Tim Tams are going to become your new favorite dessert topping.

If you're feeling extra ambitious, check out this recipe for DIY Tim Tams.

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Alex Frank