As a Nutritional Sciences major, I inevitably get asked questions about diet from many of my friends. It's understandable that many college students don't even think about their diet on a regular basis, but what we eat can really impact our current and future health. Veggies provide so many essential nutrients and health benefits that they should be the bulk of what we eat. Here are a few tips to sneak more veggies into your daily diet. 

1. Eat Veggies for Breakfast

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Kimberly Kao

No matter what you make for breakfast, you can always find a way to incorporate veggies. Check out this article on how they can spice up your breakfast. You can cook your eggs any way that you like and add a few slices of tomatoes for more flavor and nutrients. When you're making your favorite smoothie, throw in a handful of kale or spinach – no extra prep time required. 

2. Snack On the Go

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Kimberly Kao

Want to prevent your stomach from growling in the middle of class? Replace the bag of chips you pack for lunch with baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, or any other of your favorite veggies. Vegetables have plenty of fiber, which will keep you full for way longer than processed snacks. 

3. Prep a Quick Meal

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Kimberly Kao

If you haven't tried packaged microwaveable veggies, you're really missing out on the easiest meal prep ever. They make great side dishes or quick meals when you are short on time. Alternatively, you can stock your fridge with frozen veggies and microwave them with your frozen dinner, or even cook them with your ramen.

4. Double the Veggies in Your Recipe

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Kimberly Kao

If you love to cook and try new recipes, double the amount of veggies listed in the ingredients. No extra effort required, but you're sneaking extra nutrients and fibers into your diet. 

Besides these tips, there are many more creative ways to eat more vegetables in college. For example, avoid the freshman 15 by eating a bowl of salad at the dining hall before getting anything else. You can have a fun competition with friends to see who can keep it up as a fun way to motivate each other. Eating veggies in college shouldn't be a chore because they can be filling and delicious!