Originally, a mantra is a word or phrase often repeated during Hindu or Buddhist meditation. However, the meaning has evolved into any repeated, motivational phrase. I try to recite my mantra every night with the help of my Buddhist prayer beads; however, there are times when I need some extra help during the day. If you also find yourself struggling, here is a list of mantras to remember in college for when you need a boost.

This Too Shall Pass

Remember that whatever is stressing you out, it's not something permanent. Eventually, you'll either get over this problem or forget it. To help the mantra be even more effective, visualize your life after this problem has passed. Know that maybe in a few hours, days, or weeks, you won't be stressing out about this same topic.

I Will Accept The Things I Cannot Change

I know this is easier said than done, but you can't worry about every single thing. Sometimes it is important to embrace that there are some things that are just out of your reach and that's okay. 

I Release Myself From Needing the Love of Others

Not to sound cliché but the only validation you need should come from you and you alone. It really is amazing how much more relaxed you feel once you accept that the only person you should be seeking approval from should be you. Know to love yourself first and foremost. 

Stay True to Your Own Spirit

This is on of my go-to mantras to remember in college. Whenever you are stressing out about a decision, know that you can never go wrong with doing what you really want to do. Don't think about what others will say or what others want you to do, just stay true to your own goals

I Am Grateful For This Day

One way to raise your frequencies in the universe and obtain positive results is to show your gratitude. By repeating this mantra, you start channeling that positive and grateful energy until eventually, you start feeling it. 

I Have Survived the Difficult Moments of my Past

Whenever I feel like I might need that extra push to accomplish something, I remind myself of everything I've already overcome. This usually makes me feel stronger, braver and more confident. Think: if you've come this far, what makes you feel you can't keep going?

My Potential is Unlimited

Remember that if you genuinely believe in yourself and visualize your success, you can achieve it. Think of all the things you've been able to do and all the plans you have for yourself. Believe that you have the power to do anything you set your mind to. 

I Am Enough

Don't waste time comparing yourself to others. You are you. And that's the only thing a person can work on. So quit wasting time wishing you were someone else and focus on improving your own self. You really are more than enough.   

By repeating any of these mantras and truly believing in the power they have over you, I can guarantee you'll see a difference: you might start feeling more confident in your abilities, calmer, or even just happier. Whatever feeling you are looking for, mantras are an amazingly underrated way to obtain it. 

The best part of mantras? They can take either 2 or 20 minutes. You can customize both the phrase itself and the number of repetitions for whatever best fits your lifestyle.