If you went on a spring break vacation and didn't take pictures, did you really go on a spring break vacation? For most college girls, the answer is absolutely not. You spent all that money on those super cute bikinis for your trip, so you might as well feel confident enough to rock it in pics with your friends on spring break woohoo!

Avoid Irritating Foods and Eat Healthy Leading Up to the Trip

Losing weight is absolutely not necessary to rock a bikini, but eating healthy can do just as much good for the mindset as it can for the body. So chose foods that you enjoy and make you feel good about yourself. Also, avoid foods that make you feel bloated or too full. Trying to avoid salty foods and drinking a lot of water can always help!

Work Out and Stay Active

The fact that exercising will improve how you feel in a bikini or not is not a super hard concept to grasp. If you work out, odds are you are gonna feel much more confident with your body. You will also, however, feel better in general due to the mood boosting endorphins that exercise provides.

Wear the Right Suit

While some bikinis may look cool with a bunch of funky straps or a lack of fabric on the majority of your butt, it's important to wear something that makes you feel, fun, flirty and beautiful. If you are going to be pulling up a strapless top that does not fit right or picking a wedgie all day, you are probably not going to have as much fun or feel as comfortable, and that will show in your photos. Wear something that works for you and your body.

Get Your Tan on Early

Tanning beds are super bad for you, so before your trip, try some tanning lotions that will give your skin a natural glow before you even go out in the sun. Once you get to the beach, do not, I repeat, DO NOT skip out on sunscreen. Not only does it protect your skin from the sun's harsh rays, but you do not want your pictures to look like a food magazines spread of a lobster bake.

Bring Cute Sunglasses

I personally prefer to have shades on in my pictures on the beach. Makeup can melt and smear, and the sun can cause unflattering squinting and shadows. Sunglasses can eradicate these issues while completing your stylish beach look.

Figure Out Your Poses

This may seem silly, but figuring out which angles and positions work best for you will make taking pictures 10 times easier. You won't feel as much of an urge to say "OMG delete that" when you already know what poses you like. 

Don't spend your entire spring break taking pictures, put your phone down and enjoy the experience above anything. But when you do have it out for pictures, you might as well make them good!