Coffee is a staple in many people's daily routines. Besides helping you feel alert, coffee comes with added benefits, like helping your heart or improving memory. But coffee also affects you in not so great ways, like staining teeth. There are ways to avoid a coffee stain, but why go to the trouble when you can avoid worrying about it in the first place? That's where CLR CFF comes in.

A Bottle of Clear Coffee

CLR CFF is a brand new coffee product developed specifically to prevent teeth staining. The formula was created when two brothers, who were heavy coffee drinkers, got fed up with coffee stains. Just like how the vowels in "clear coffee" are eliminated in the name of the brand, the top secret production of the coffee eliminates the classic coffee color. 

What It's Made Of

The ingredient list on this product is very short. It's simply made with only arabica coffee beans and pure water. With no added preservatives, stabilizers, sugar, or sweeteners, this seems like a viable alternative to the average cup of cold brew.

The product was definitely made with those who like their coffee black in mind. Without any add-ins besides straight coffee and water, the drink only has four calories. Not sure how the drink would taste with a packet of sugar tossed in, but there's only one way to find out.

The Catch

Unfortunately, at the moment this coffee is only being sold across the pond at UK Whole Foods locations, Selfridge's and Co, and various cafes. CLR CFF bottles are listed for sale on their website, but the company is still trying to figure out possibility shipping options for the those interested in the United States.

As the first colorless coffee drink in the world, CLR CFF definitely sets itself apart from other options. If you suffer from coffee stains on your teeth, be on the lookout for this drink coming to America, hopefully soon.