Sometimes we get so busy that we forget about the most important thing in our life, taking care of ourselves. Self-care should always be a priority, but sadly in stressful environments like college, it usually becomes the hardest thing to remember. Here are 6 ways to help you get in the habit of practicing self-care.

Don't worry, these are all easy tricks that you can incorporate in your routine starting right now. Some of them might sound a little demanding, but they really don't require that much of either your time or effort. Try them and see what fits your lifestyle best. 

6. Talk to a Therapist 

I know some of you might have mixed feelings about this one due to the stigma that comes with saying "I go to a therapist", but you need to know that it is okay. There is nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, wrong with knowing that you need the help of a therapist to figure out what exactly it is you are feeling and how to address it. How can you fight to improve something if you don't even know what it is?

Your mental health is one of the hardest things to take care of and sometimes you might need the help of a trained professional to help you do so. Know that you can trust your therapist with what exactly it is you are feeling. The more honest you are, the better.

5. Meditation

This might sound like a lot of trouble and hustle, but it can actually be really easy. I usually use the Stressbusters app. Specifically, I like the Quick Calm audio for when I need some extra help relaxing, and either the Mind Massage or the Above It All audio each night before I go to bed. There really is something about meditation that it just helps you relax and let all the stress go in a way very few things can.

Don't feel like you have the time for meditation? Yeah, I've also used that excuse. But sometimes it really only takes 5 minutes of deep meditation to achieve the inner peace you sometimes forget you need. 

4. Let Out Your Inner Artist

This might sound like more work than the other options, but there is something really therapeutic about letting everything inside of you go in an artistic way. Personally, I prefer painting. There is something I just find extremely relaxing about sitting in a room and just sketching and painting for hours. It's almost as if, for that time, nothing outside that room has a place in your mind.

If you are not the painting kind of person, journaling can also be a different way of expressing your emotions in an artistic way. This is not really my preferred method, but I use it sometimes when I feel like I need an extra exit for my feelings.  

3. Exercise 

Yeah, I'm not exactly a gym person either, but this actually helps you feel a lot better. Whenever I feel like I'm overwhelmed by all my feelings, I try to go to the gym and distract myself by running for a while.

If running isn't really your thing, I've also tried different workouts from pilates to boxing and I've noticed that as long as you make them part of your weekly routine, they seem to help. This is a great way of taking care of your physical and mental health at the same time. 

2. Get a Support System

Whenever I start struggling with whatever it is I'm feeling at the time, talking to someone I trust really seems to help. Sometimes I'm not even looking for advice or anything, I just need someone to listen to me and be there when I'm venting everything it is that I've been holding up inside of me.

There are no rules for a support system. You might feel like you need to talk to your 3 best friends, your mom, your significant other, or that one friend you can really relate to. Regardless of who it is, just know that there is someone out there for you that is willing to help you go through everything so you don't have to do it alone. It is always nice to know that you can count on someone and it really helps you put your feelings and problems in perspective once you get someone else's opinion on them.

1. Spend Time With Friends

Whenever we feel pressured or overwhelmed it is easier to make excuses to stay inside and seclude ourselves from our friends. However, even though there is nothing wrong with staying inside every other night, it is important to remember to make some time to hang out with those who care about us.

However, if you are feeling down and go out with friends, remember to stay away from drugs or alcohol. Since they act as depressants, they might make you feel like you are a lot better at the moment, but it is going to come back and affect you. 

These are just a few suggestions that I've noticed have really helped me through the years. However, remember that self-care means to pay attention to what it is that you need. It might be a cup of coffee, a nice dinner alone, a book date with friends, or to just sit on the couch with your significant other.

Whatever it is that helps you, just remember to treat yourself when you need it. Even if it's just one day of the week, lets at least have a #selfcaresaturday.