Being healthy in college isn't always the easiest thing. Junk food is available no matter where you look and finding the time to go to the gym can be quite the struggle. Especially now that the cold weather has set in and it's snowing in a lot of places, getting all bundled up to go to the gym just doesn't seem worth it a lot of the time.

Pilates is a great kind of exercise that can not only help with slimming down and toning the entire body, but it can also be done pretty much anywhere. Some of the exercises can even be done in bed

I've learned all of my favourite pilates moves from Cassey Ho, who runs Blogilates. She even offers up a calendar every month if you sign up on her website, which gives a list of her YouTube workout videos to do every day. These allow you to focus on a different part of the body each day, and end up with a nice, rounded workout routine. But not everyone has the time or luxury to work out seven days a week. 

A lot of people give up on working out because they can't keep up with calendars like hers, but its always important to keep one's body healthy, even if you're only able to work out for 30 minutes a week. Create your own personalized 30-minute workout by picking 6 moves from the lists below and doing each exercise for 5 minutes each. If 5 minutes is too long, choose more workouts with a shorter time. Alternatively, you can choose the same amount of moves and do each exercise for only one minute, but cycle through five times. 

Choose one from each category, or choose just a few which you want to focus on. It's entirely up to you! A lot of them could go into a lot of categories regardless. Then put on some music, and you've got the perfect fun workout.

1. Cardio

Light cardio is a great way to start a workout. You get your heart going right away, making the rest of your workout more effective. These cardio workouts aren't anything like treadmill work, so you'll still have the energy to finish the rest of your workout.

1. Jumping Jacks

2. Burpees

3. Skier Jumps

4. Grapevines

5. Butt Kicks

6. Surfer Upper Cuts

2. Obliques

A lot of people just assume that their obliques are getting worked in with their abs, but a lot of the ab exercises that we do aren't so effective for the obliques, so I put them into their own category. These are some great workouts to get some nice side abs. 

1. Elbow Twist Tap

2. Side Plank Crunch

3. Ballerina Twist

4. Side Plank

5. Hip Twists

6. Spiderman Push Up

3. Butt/Thighs

Butt workouts are my favourite (aside from squats) not only because of the amazing results, but because there a lot that you can do without feeling like you're dying which have a great effect. Booty days are best.    

1. Cross n' Lift

2. Hammy Curl

3. Flexed Leg Lift

4. Low Rainbow Butt

5. Attitude Pulses

6. Fire Hydrant

4. Arms

Most of the arm workouts can be done in bed, which makes them much easier because getting out of bed is the hardest part in the first place. I often do things like arm circles while watching tv or in between homework as well. It's a great work out break that I can take without having to really go anywhere. 

1. Goal Post Puncher

2. Shoulder Pulses

3. Back Behinds

4. Triangle Pushes

5. Inverted Arm Circles

6. Prayer Pulse

5. Abs

My stomach is my biggest trouble area, but ab workouts have always been one of my worst nightmares. Through the years, I've narrowed it down to some manageable ones that can give you that toned tummy you're looking for.

1. Single Leg Drop

2. Leg Outs

3. Flutter Kicks

4. Lower Leg Lifts

6. Russian Twist

6. Legs

Strong legs are great for everyone, even if you don't play a sport. Yeah, strong legs will help for jumping in basketball and running in soccer, but it even makes walking easier on the body. Strong legs are so important. 

1. Squeezed Lunges

2. Squat Claps

3. Kneeling Leg Lift

4. Calf Raises

5. Sideways Scissors

6. Leg Circles

Don't feel limited to just these exercises. There are so many, and you can find more on the blogilates YouTube page or just by googling exercises. Whether you stick to the same thing or switch it up every week, these exercises are sure to keep you fit and entertained.