We all underestimate the power we have to heal ourselves. This is mainly because we are rarely given the opportunity to achieve our full healing potential. And when we are given this opportunity, it is usually under severe circumstances where we feel as if we have lost track and control over our lives. Meditation is a process that expands beyond our minds. It helps us experience bliss, happiness and inner peace. Through meditation, healing can happen.

Nicole Nesci

I started meditating two years ago. Not regularly, but I attended a few classes at my university’s recreational centre just for fun. I remember the first meditation class I attended so vividly.

A couple of my friends and I walked in and were greeted by a soft-spoken, white haired, overly Zen woman. We couldn’t help but giggle at her gesture. Picking up a yoga mat, I ran to the back of the room already regretting my decision to attend this class. The instructor noticed and called upon my friends and I to bring our mats to the front of the room. I wondered if she could read our minds.

We spent the first half of the class lying down and the second half sitting up, chanting the “OM” mantra. My friends joked that they had fallen asleep during it. I felt a little insecure because I actually enjoyed this meditation session. 

This class made me feel relaxed and clear-headed

My mind, which usually resembles a rush hour traffic jam in New York City, was for once completely cleared. But, being the egotistic freshman that I was, I couldn’t share this feeling with my friends. 

And so, I forgot about meditation. 

The next two years of university were filled with stressful situations, uncontrollable anxiety, depleted energy, and the endless consumption of harmful substances. These became conductors of my life. I yearned for some escape, some sense of relief. 

I decided to try meditating again. Setting up a small space in the corner of my room, I lit a few candles, burned some incense, and began playing a guided meditation video.

I let my mind experience silence and space

My mind needed time to recover from all my daily stresses and concerns. Meditation helped it rejuvenate. I left my first session with a blank mind. All the thoughts, both good and bad, disappeared. For once, I felt the stillness of my energy. It was at that moment I knew I would surrender to meditation.

My first experiences meditating were filled with doubt. I worried that everyone would label me as some hippie freak (and yes, some people do judge). I didn't know if the way I was meditating was the "correct" way, and my impatient mind couldn't seem to focus on meditating for more than a few minutes. 

The immediate effects of meditation encouraged me to continue this practice

When you're a beginner to meditation it can be difficult to get into the routine of practicing it deeply and regularly. Start by watching guided meditation videos for areas in your life you hope to improve. This can be anywhere from reducing stress and anxiety to attracting positive energy

Feeling lighter, less burdened, and more relaxed were outcomes I experienced right away. However, the more I meditate, the more I develop a deeper insight into my inner happiness and my personal growth. Through meditation, I have gained greater clarity and understanding of my consciousness and purpose in life. It allows me to immerse in inner peacefulness.