In the past few years, SoulCycle has skyrocketed in popularity across the United States. While it may seem like just any indoor spin class, it's anything but. SoulCycle classes have a positive, encouraging environment, and going regularly has provided an amazing tool to cope with anxiety. 

It seems that the consensus among psychiatric professionals is that exercise is an excellent way to reduce anxiety. As a person who hates sports and the gym, it has always felt like a hassle for me to work out.

SoulCycle has changed everything for me about that correlation for me. Here are some of the many ways that SoulCyle has helped me cope with anxiety. 

1. SoulCyle is a full-body workout, endorphins guarenteed.

SoulCyle will make you sweat buckets, whether you like it or not. Even if I go to SoulCycle in a terrible mood, it's almost guaranteed that I will leave feeling emotionally high. This feeling happens because of the euphoria-producing hormone, endorphins, are released through vigorous exercise. 

2. It's something you can count on and pencil into your schedule.

I think a lot of people with (and without) anxiety can agree that having a set schedule often brings peace of mind. They even send you an email confirmation once you book a bike. 

3. SoulCycle isn't competitive, the instructors encourage you to go at your own pace.

Perhaps my least favorite thing about sports growing up was that they often encourage a sense of competition. Competition definitely heightens anxious feelings for me.

In a SoulCyle class, you are only competing against yourself, and nobody around you actually knows if you're slacking off or working your a** off.

4. The environment is super positive, staff members are always willing to help.

Figuring out how to set up your bike and clip in can be confusing, and the staff is always willing to come to the rescue. Gyms can often be super anxiety-provoking, in that it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the equipment with nobody to help you. You will not have this problem at SoulCycle. 

5. The music that the instructors play is always empowering and fun.

I've always found getting lost in music is a fantastic way to cope with my anxiety. If you relate to this, I highly recommend you try out a SoulCycle class. 

6. When you start to get the hang of riding your bike and feel yourself improving, you will feel confident AF. 

SoulCycle is one of those places where it's okay to be a lil' cocky. Trust me, you will definitely be feelin' yourself when you tap it back. 

7. The classes are so fast-paced there's no time to think about anxieties. 

Take a vacation from your problems when you step into the room. You'll be focused on the positive energy and enchanted by the vibe of the tribe you're spinning with. 

8. The inspirational speeches the instructors give toward the end of class can be so moving.  

More often than not, what the instructors say at the end of class resonates with me. When I'm having a lame, stressful day, hearing some inspiring words can make me feel awesome.

9. The quick stretch at the end of class is ridiculously calming.

After doing intense cardio for 45 minutes, stretching and taking a few deep breaths feels beyond rewarding. 

10. The feeling after going to SoulCyle is absolutely priceless.

It's literally impossible to be in a bad mood once you leave the class. 

SoulCycle is not only an incredible way to burn calories but it's also an amazing outlet for whatever personal issues you may be facing. Going to classes regularly has helped me to build up both my physical and emotional strength, which in turn has provided me so much support to dealing with my anxiety.