When some people think of Valentine’s Day, their brains are clouded with cartoon hearts, chocolate, flowers, and other Nicholas Sparks-esque faire. Other folks see February 14th as simply a day to appreciate their significant other or celebrating the single life while eating ice cream.

However, nowadays, more and more people are choosing to opt out of extravagant traditions such as ginormous teddy bears and candle lit dinners. If you’re one of those rebels, here’s a guide to help you forego the typical V-Day celebrations.


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Valentine’s day typically calls for dinner at a fancy restaurant, but it doesn’t have to be this way. As a matter of fact, dinners are often overrated. Why not glorify breakfast or lunch? Skip the hassle of making a reservation in a stuffy dining room and instead treat yourself to a more laid back evening.

Cinnabon pancakes, an order of bacon, and a side of Netflix binge-watching can be just as special as hobnobbing at a Michelin-starred restaurant. A night inside guarantees you more quality time with your special other at a much lower price tag.


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I’d be lying if I said  I wouldn't enjoy receiving a Tiffany’s necklace as a present, but that doesn't mean that your gift-giving options are narrowed. As surprising as it may be, not everyone loves jewelry or a bouquet of flowers. So, rather than subjecting yourself to a trip to a florist or Kay Jewelers, write down a list of your partner's favorite things and then customize your gift to their personal liking.

Whether it's a terrarium or Coachella tickets, consider what your partner really wants. If you truly think they want a necklace, there’s nothing against that, but maybe avoid anything heart shaped if you’re trying to stay out of cheesy land.


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Although proposing on Valentine’s day sounds romantic and special, it's more common than you'd think. Approximately 6 million people propose on this day, which might making it a little less meaningful, and a bit more, well, cheesy.

Save yourself from the awkward “We got engaged on Valentine’s Day" story and pick a different date that is still special to you and your partner. Use Valentine's Day to appreciate each other and do a variety of things, such as a food tour or museum-hopping.

All the Single Ladies! (and Gents)

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As good as gorging on ice cream may sound to those who aren't in relationships, try to forego being alone on this stressful day. Instead, gather up all your single friends for a party and recount the memories of the happy parts of your love lives (ice cream still included, of course). Invite your romantically involved friends, too! Make February 14th a day to celebrate all of the love around you.

This guide is not meant to attack those who enjoy sticking to Valentine’s Day traditions. It's meant to open your eyes to different possibilities on how to have a killer V-Day. Challenge yourself this year and make some changes to your typical chocolate-filled routine. You might be surprised at how much more personalized and special the day feels.