Food gifts are always the best gifts, especially when that food is ice cream. Check out these 11 ways to give your friend or family member the sweetest gift you can this holiday season.

1. Ice Cream Maker

Give your friend the gift that keeps on giving with an ice cream maker that will allow them to always have access to their favorite treat. For bonus points, have the machine already frozen and ready to be used and pair it with all of the ingredients they need to make their favorite flavor.

Not a fan of "real" ice cream and have a pretty big budget? Try the the Wim Froyo Machine. 

2. Bailey's Ice Cream

With just a gallon of vanilla ice cream, a bottle of Baileys Irish Cream, and a parlor ice cream dish wrapped up in a pretty package, you can start their night off right with a bowl of Baileys infused goodness.

3. Ice Cream Taste Test

What’s a better gift than giving your fanatic a chance to be an ice cream judge? Run to the store and grab spoons and a few pints of ice cream flavors that you know they haven’t indulged in before to give them the ultimate taste testing experience.

4. A Classic Gift Basket

Bring the toppings to them with a gift basket filled with everything that you need to make a classic ice cream sundae. Fill a cute box with containers of hot fudge, whipped cream and cherries paired with containers of nuts and sprinkles. You can even pick up some of the toppings from a frozen yogurt store if you don’t want to buy a whole container.

5. A Sweet Road Trip Opportunity

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Olivia Salzman

Has your friend ever mentioned that they’d want to go to that popular ice cream shop that’s a few hours away? Giving a gift card to a distant ice cream shop is the perfect excuse for the two of you to go on a road trip.

6. Custom Ice Cream Flavor

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Torey Walsh

Start off with a classic, plain flavor like chocolate, vanilla or mint and load it up with your friend’s favorite candies and toppings. Be as classic or creative as you want, and throw in anything from sprinkles to pretzels and cinnamon buns. Freeze it in a reusable container, and you have a delectable gift ready to be eaten.

7. Monthly Ice Cream "Coupons"

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Amelia Hitchens

Give your friend or family member an “IOU” ice cream coupon that they can redeem every month for a year. It’s the perfect excuse to go on an ice cream date or to catch up over a pint of their favorite flavor.

8. A Real Ice Cream Scoop

Give them the gift of photogenic ice cream.

9. Ice Cream Sandwiches

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Julia Hedelman

Pick up some Insomnia cookies or a few chocolate doughnuts and a pint of ice cream and you have yourself the best sandwich you’ve ever gifted.

10. Dessert for Breakfast

Pancakes make it breakfast, right?

11. Ice Cream Gadgets

If your friend is a true ice cream fanatic, go all out and get your friend some gadgets that will make their ice cream experience the best it can be, like an Oreo Milkshake Gift Set or an ice cream tumbler.