Around the holidays, I've come to expect winter Oreos with a red creamy center, holiday flavors like hot cocoa and peppermint, and Oreo candy canes. But an Oreo Milkshake Gift Set?! This news is on another level.

Instagram user @candyhunting recently spotted the genius gift idea at Walmart, and from the packaging, it looks like this baby retails for $15.98. 

Although it seems like the set comes with just four Oreos, two ceramic cups, two straws, and an ice cream scoop—aka you have to buy the vanilla ice cream, milk, and blender separately—it's still a pretty cool idea. I mean, if Oreo is your favorite cookie, and I'm pretty sure it claims to be all of America's, what better way to flaunt your allegiance to the brand than with the perfect milkshake accessories?

But just a heads up—if you're gifting this to your cookie-loving bestie, you might want to throw in a whole pack of Oreos, too. I'm not sure who could actually resist taking a bite of the only four cookies provided over saving them for a milkshake.